Published On: Tue, Aug 25th,

George Miller to Direct Man Of Steel 2 Sequel, Latest Reports

If latest reports are to be believed Zack Snyder gets out and the director of Mad Max: Fury Road comes in, as it is being reported that Australian filmmaker and screenwriter has set all to direct the sequel of Man of Steel.

It has reportedly said that production Warner Bros has signed agreement with the 70-year-old former medical doctor to direct their next version of Man Of Steel franchise.

The news of George Miller’s joining Man of Steel sequel first emerged by the director of a documentary titled ‘The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened?’, Jon Schnepp, who also known as talk show host Jon Schnepp.

Schnepp revealed on the latest episode of PopCorn Talk that Miller has been signed a directorial project with Warner Bros, while it wasn’t officially announced about regarding information about Man Of Steel 2 so far.

Schnepp said, “Miller is clearly in Warner Bros. good graces with the critical and commercial success of Mad Max: Fury Road, and Man of Steel director Zack Snyder will likely be too busy shepherding the Justice League film franchise to return to Superman,”

By the way, Australian Miller has worked with DC Comics and WB to show his best directorial skills while directing a live-action Justice League: The New Frontier in 2008.

Nonethelss, as Miller and WB has old relation, reason why the rumors can be believed true and Miller might be part of the DC Cinematic Universe’s next venture.

British actor Henry Cavill, who has played lead in Man of Steel, also revealed about the more DC’s next Superman projects as opened up, the WB has all set to work back on solo Superman stories.

Cavill stated, “There’s plenty of time for individual Superman sequels. He’s a tough character to tell. People like the darker vigilante Batman.”

He has revealed about the solo Superman projects which might be next focus of WB and DC.