Published On: Sat, Oct 3rd,

Guatemala Massive Landslide Leaves 30 Dead, Hundreds Missing

Hillside collapses on a town on the edge of Guatemala City left at least 30 dead while around 600 were still missing, rescue workers and police along with residents are searching survivors from debris.

According to latest foreign news massive landslide hit the Santa Catarina Pinula in a valley on the south-eastern region when hillside collapsed on the town and tons of dirt and trees fell over the village of El Cambray IIm burying dozens of houses that came into its path on Thursday.

The landslide on the edge of Guatemala City left at least 30 dead till now while hundreds were still missing, families are receiving text messages from people and relatives struck into debris following heavy rains and winds in the region.

A total of 500 rescue workers and police along with residence continuously searching for survivors all day till late evening, the rescue operating has been suspended for night.

Local media has reported that tones of debris and dirt along with trees tumbled the village of Santa Catarina Pinula leaving around 30 without breath while about 600 are still missing, the hillside reportedly collapsed when most of resident had gone to bed for rest.

The tree-lined hillside has laid bare before earth and debris covering part of the town can be seen in a video broadcasted on local TV channel, the heavy raining caused the massive landslide which ruined all of things came to its path either trees of houses.

The government’s disaster reduction office CONRAD has confirmed the deaths stated that they are rescuing the survivors following massive hunt for people all around the region, the 125 housed were demolished in the disaster.

Authorities reported that thirty-four people were recovered alive from the debris of mud and dirt while twenty-five other survivors have minor to major injuries hospitalized for treatment, voices have been heard from collapsed buildings those were dig out by rescuers.