Published On: Wed, Jan 21st,

How to Donate Car For Tax Credit

To be clear , the tax receipt is issued on the day of the sale if.
1: The vehicle is rolling
2: The technical control was less than two months
3: The technical control is not against business.

Otherwise, the Donate Car For Tax Credit receipt is issued later: the day the technical control is achieved without against visit. The value of the gift is withholding the coast indicated on the website The Central on the day of the sale. To do this, indicate the exact version of the vehicle model. Warning, a discount is applied according to the items listed in the report of technical control and in the condition of the body and the interior.

To understand
our first goal is to rehabilitate the cars that we are given to put them on our fleet for social rent for employment and vocational training. In this context we undertake all repairs recommended by the technical control and our partners garages. By cons, if it turns out that the restoration of the Donate Car For Tax Credit operation is economically unreasonable , we rely upon our wrecker. In the latter case the tax receipt can not be issued and the sale can not be canceled.

To quickly
1: of the barred gray card, dated and signed
2: of report of initial technical control
3: of report against visiting if applicable

For safety
do not hesitate to scan all before Donate Car For Tax Credit. We prepare the transfer documents. We will contact you to arrange an appointment, either at home or at the office of the association. It only remains to sign the documents and remove the vehicle. We ask you to ensure that the car is accessible, so that volunteers can repatriate without difficulties.