Published On: Thu, Nov 27th,

ISIS Stones Men Accused Of Homosexuality in Syria

Damascus: International media reported that Islamic state militants stoned to death two men accused of homosexuality in Syria.

Islamic state, pro-claimed caliphate, group stoned to death two men in different area of Deir Ezzor province of Syria, accused of alleged homosexual acts.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that a man was killed in near Iraqi border by Islamic state militant claiming that he was a gay. ISIS stated about man killing that they found videos of victim’s adult acts with other males on the mobile phone.

According to Observatory another killing by stone found in Deir Ezzor province accused of homosexual activities, the man was stoned in front of dozens of people including ISIS militants.

Bothe men of ages 18 and 20 were killed on Tuesday by stoned them to death, however, Jihadist organization claimed that it was the first execution of any man over homosexuality while many women have been stoned by ISIS extremists before.

ISIS militant organization which has seized many areas of Iraq and Syria, going to implement so called Islamic laws on civilians and whoever wanted to raise voice against their brutal acts, has been killed or beheaded.