Published On: Sun, Jul 5th,

Islamic State’s Young Executioners Killed 25 Syrian Soldiers in at Ancient Palmyra

The Middle East’s dangerous terror group has been making its roots most strong as teaching children how to kill people brutality without mercy, as a day ago released a slaughter footage from the ancient city of Palmyra, situated in the Syria’s desert.

In this latest video published by brazen Islamic State, over 24 children as slaughterers killing some Syrian soldiers, those all are bent on their knees on the stage of the Roman amphitheatre.

The Roman amphitheatre’s stage was being used for an annual festival in the city but this Islamic State of Iraq and Syria used it for bloodshed of honest Syrian troops who have been battling with fighters to protect their country for years.

So many supporters gathered in front of Roman amphitheatre’s stage to enjoy the killings as well as brutality of young fighters from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group, sporting military uniforms and covering their head with headscarves.

Islamic State beatified their young fighters with desert camouflage and brown bandanas, who trained well by the terror organization and it appears to be their first experiment in front of huge crowd.

These young fighters are appearing about 12 or 13 years old who stand behind the bent soldiers on their knees.

The leader addressed to crowd by standing in front of huge flag of the organization, gathered to watch the slaughtering in front of the stage.

After addressing, Iraq-Syria militant group’s leader ordered their fighters to shot dead the soldiers in their heads and in the response, they obeyed and killed brutally.

The Islamic State’s fighters has taken control of the historic city Palmyra in May month and their massacres in city destructing treasured ancient monuments rapidly.

The terror organization teaching people in wrong way and making terrorists Syrian children.