Published On: Tue, Jun 23rd,

Madonna, Beyonce As Well Other Hollywood’s Celebrities Love with Yoga


America’s well-known pop stars Beyonce and Madonna pay proper time to their Yoga classes to maintain their glamour and seduction, even Indian Yoga experts playing main role in development and growth of Yoga in the western culture.


We can’t deny to yoga’s impact in our life, those who have made this set of exercises and nowadays many Hollywood celebrities as Charlize Theron, Madonna, Robert Downey Jr and multifaceted actress Reese Witherspoon and some other have become the followers of Yoga to keep themselves fit.

Beyonce, Charlize Theron and other seductive Hollywood celebrities trust in Yoga because it give good impact and despite of 40 plus these old film actresses and pop stars look young as 30.

Nevertheless, Indian Yoga experts also working to introduce Yoga’s importance as well efficacy and playing main role in development of Yoga. Bharat Thakur, the spiritual master and Yoga guru as well founder of Artistic Yoga, revealed that there are so much followers of Yoga in United States.

Dr. Bharat stated that one who visit USA, discovers hundreds of yoga studios than Indian restaurants and not only in USA, Yoga is being done throughout Europe as it gives comfort and good health.

People throughout the world especially from Europe and United are becoming follower of Yoga. Pallavi Aggarwal, one more Indian Yoga expert, supports Bikram Yoga, a technique which includes techniques of traditional Hatha Yoga, said Yoga attracting a large number of people.

Pallavi further said that Yoga is quite better than gym workouts and aerobics and in all types of exercises— Yoga is on the top as the number of its followers has been increasing day by day.

Leena Mogre, who is a Mumbai-based celebrity fitness trainer, especially known for her training to Indian film industry’s biggest names as Bipasha Basu and Madhuri Dixit, says that Yoga receiving huge attention of people because it is best that other exercises.