Published On: Tue, Dec 15th,

Peace is Syria when West ends support for terrorists says Assad

President of Syria Mr. Bashar al-Assad said in an interview that peace would only come to war-scarred Syria when the Middle Eastern allies and the west stop to supporting terrorists. When a question asked what it would take to carry a conclusion to Syria`s disturbing four years civil war, he said When the countries like France, US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some other countries stop to supporting and funding those terrorists and the next day the condition will be better and within a few months Syria will become a peaceful country. If you are serious and want to defeat terrorists you should cut and throttle their supplies and money that mainly coming from Turkey and with the support provided by the Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

He said that western countries who are fighting against the Islamic state Jihadists who take the responsibility of Parris attack are also insist Bashar al-Assad to step down is the only political solution for the Syrian conflict. France who describes Assad as a “butcher” who is killing of his own people and amid the civil war that has so far claim a quarter million lives and created millions of refugee and trigger the major humanitarian disaster since World War 2.

On his visit to Washington in last week, French President Francois Hollande reiterates his willpower to force Assad step down as soon as possible in order to give a chance of peace in Syria. He also says that he has been the problem and he cannot be the solution for the peace.

In replying to French president Assad says the French only step up to bombing of Islamic State target after the Paris attacks to disperse the feeling of the French people. He also described the military support provided to his government by Russian President Vladimir Putin who is very serious in fighting against terrorism.”

Turning to a crisis between Turkey and Russia over downing of a Russian plane by Turkish forces along the border of Turkish-syrian, he said opposition supporter Turkish President MR. Tayyip Erdogan who was playing with fire and i think that shooting down a Russian jet has exposed the real aim of Erdogan who just have lost his nerve because the Russian involvement has changed the balance on the ground. So the failure of Erdogan in Syria is the failure of his terrorist groups that demise his political dream.