Published On: Sat, Jun 6th,

Top 10 Best New Hip Hop Songs In The World; Hip Hop New Style Of Singing

Hip hop music is a music genre that basically has the rapping, rhyming and great loud music stuff in it. There comes a time when most of the music lovers want to hear more and more rapping songs.

That’s the reason that hip hop stars are becoming famous by each passing day and making they rich. Now the music industry in USA is also known by the number of hip hop hits given in the calendar year.

Below we will discuss the top ten hip hop songs released in and gets the attention of people who hear them all over the world.

10. Wiz Khalifa – The Play

Wiz Khalifa is a new superstar in the hip hop genre of music industry and has given some of the biggest hits in past years. With his new song the play he again got the attention of the people directed and produced by Harry Fraud. This song also gets the fame because of the video visuals.


9. Mick Jenkins – P’s & Q’s

Chicago buzzmaker Mick Jenkins comes with a hit called P’s and Q’s, The impressive thing about this song is that it has great visuals provided by the courtesy of Nathan R. Smith direction. This album is coming soon but with its new song it is getting more and more attention of music lovers by each passing day.


8. 50 Cent – Get Low ft. Jeremih, 2 Chainz & T.I.

50 Cent a big name in hip hop genre of music, once again gets the attention of the people with his new hit Get low feat by Jeremih, 2 Chainz and T.I.

This is the song of the album Street King Immortal. And also the first official song of this album that gets so much popularity that may be we will hear more great songs by this legend 50 Cent.


7. DJ Khaled – How Many Times ft. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Big Sean

This song gets the star studded guest list in shape of Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Big Sean. How many Times is another hit this year due to the great rapping done by these great artists in this regard?

DJ Khaled is introducing his eighth album I Changed A Lot. With the help of the great names in this business he gets the popularity for this album that he deserves. That’s why this song is on the 7th spot in this list.


6. Juicy J – Tryna F*ck ft. Drake & Ty Dolla $ign

Another bold song that gets the attention of the world by its rapping and great background music in. This song is on the 6th spot of top ten hip hop songs in. Juicy J called Drake and Ty Dolls $ign for helping him out on his new effort which they did in a great way.

Overall this effort gives them the fruit by getting the fame with this song. This is the song of the album The Hustle Continues.


5. Allan Kingdom – Mandela (DJBooth Freestyle)

Mandela is the fifth hit in the top ten hip hop songs in. It was released in this year by Allan Kingdom, who first stunned the music industry in early, and then again in the following year by his album.

He once again gets the attention when he sung this great song which is basically a tribute and dedication to the ancestors and descendants of his family. Fred Lozano provides the original artwork to accompany the freestyle. He is working all alone in the studio with the producers wrapping up his band and starting a new life in music industry by launching a new singles album. In that album this song is the 1st on the list.


4. A$AP Rocky – LSD

The return of the king by a great hit in LSD released in and probably one of the best hip hop songs of the year. He had a set back a few years ago and by that token he gets in a trauma of sadness and left the music industry but now he’s back or we can say he’s back with a bang.

This is the song of his upcoming album. One of the most interested things about this album is that it is still unknown that who is producing it. By this question, the album is gaining more and more attention in the music industry.


3. Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment ft. Chance The Rapper and Jamila Woods – Sunday Candy

Sunday Candy is the third most successful hip hop hit of. It is the first single from Donald Trumpet and also the first song in the album THE SOCIAL EXPERIMENT. It is a great song with so much music sweetness that a person will feel so good by hearing it.

In an interview Donnie explains that this song specifically is a great representation of the social experiments collaborative efforts. It means that this song is the tribute to the efforts that he had made his entire life, that’s what makes this hit so special.


2. Fetty Wap – My Way (Remix) ft. Drake

It is a certified hit by Fetty Wap singles remix done by great work and dedication to it. This song is the 2nd one on the list because of the popularity and the guest verse included in this song.

With the help of this guest verse this song gets the attention of the people and also became a big hip hop hit in. We assuredly can say that Fetty Wap have a great future ahead because we have seen the work of this wonder.


1. The Weeknd – The Hills

The debut of this band was in Coachella in April, This band has given a hit in hip hop music called as, THE HILLS. It is a great song with numerous great rhyming lines in it. Whenever a person hears this song he stated enjoying himself.

It is a good song but the most important and significant aspect of this no. 1 song of hip hop in is their great videos which have extraordinary visuals that made this song the best in.