Top 10 List of Richest Actors in the World In 2020

Acting is a very well-paying profession and the obscene amount of money actors are paid to do a movie is known by everybody, but it takes a lot of effort to reach the stage where actors are paid millions for one film. There are several entertainment industries in the world, each one producing movies and dramas according to their culture and the audience. But, the actors are all paid the same because they are admired so much and the demand this admiration creates increases their net worth a lot. All new actors wish to be able to earn as much as the Top 10 Highest Paid Actors so that they too can become so famous that people would be willing to pay however much money they demand.

Even though not actors or actresses accomplish this task, a few that do are included in the Top 10 List of Richest Actors in the World.

  1. Jerry Seinfeld
  2. Shah Rukh Khan
  3. Jack Nicholson
  4. Johnny Depp
  5. Tyler Perry
  6. Tom Cruise
  7. Tom Hanks
  8. Bill Cosby
  9. Clint Eastwood
  10. Adam Sandler

1.   Jerry Seinfeld:

Jerry Seinfeld is the World’s Richest Actor who has a total net worth equal to 820 million dollars. Jerry Seinfeld is a stand-up comedy person and an actor as well. His most known work in the industry is his sitcom named after his own self called “Seinfeld” which earned him great popularity. He has appeared in many movies while still doing shows as a comedian. He earns his living by appearing as a guest on tv shows, sit-coms and other platforms for which he is paid in millions.

2.   Shah Rukh Khan:

Shah Rukh Khan is the most prominent name in the Bollywood Industry and loved by millions of people globally. He has been working in the Bollywood Industry for a very long time and is still casted as the lead role due to the devotion the fans show towards him. His net worth is 600 million dollars and he do several films a year which has proved very good for his career.

3.   Jack Nicholson:

Even though Jack Nicholson is not casted as a lead role in the movies but as a supporting character, he has earned enough fame in that category to be ranked third on the list of Richest Actor in the World Forbes. He has won three Oscars in his career and has a total net worth of 480 million dollars due to his amazing acting skills.

4.   Johnny Depp:

Johnny Depp is the most versatile actor of Hollywood and probably the most adored one too. He has a penchant for doing unique roles and carrying them out with such perfection that people fall instantly in love with both him and the character he plays in the movie. He has a completely different get-up in his every movie and fans are always waiting to see what role he will play next. He is most famous for his part in The Pirates of the Caribbean. His total worth of 450 million dollars which makes him one of the Richest Hollywood Actors.

5.   Tyler Perry:

Tyler Perry is a very famous actor who is one of the Most Paid American Actor. He is a comedian as well. His most famous work is the show called Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. The show went on for a period of six years and was a huge success for Perry’s career.  He has written a few books as well as done some live performances.

6.   Tom Cruise:

Tom Cruise is the most handsome and famous actor in the whole wide world. He has won many young hearts in the time he has been working in the field. He is most famous for his roles in the Mission Impossible movies. He was mostly starred in action movies and did all his stunts himself. His net worth is around 400 million dollars which is why he is included in the list of Highest Paid Actors of All time.

7.   Tom Hanks:

He is the most applauded actor in the Hollywood Industry because of the versatile roles he ahs played in movies and the way he has carried them out perfectly. His most noticeable roles are in the movies Angels and Demons, Forrest Gump and many others that are praised by fans. He has never stuck to one genre and has played different roles every time. His net worth is 390 million dollars.

8.   Bill Cosby:

Bill Cosby is a multitalented person. He is an author, actor, singer and a stand-up comedian which means that he has tried out everything he could in his life. He has worked in famous TV shows like The Cosby Show, I Spy series etc. Bill Cosby has a net total worth of 380 million dollars. He is ranked eighth on the list of Top 10 Most Paid Actors in the world.

9.   Clint Eastwood:

Clint Eastwood is said to be a living legend because of the popularity he has gained in the industry and his role in the No Name in Sergio Leone’s Dollars series of three films. Along with this record breaking trilogy, he has done other famous films too which earned him great popularity. Clint Eastwood is now 87 years old and still working in the Industry with a net worth of 370 million dollars.

10. Adam Sandler:

Adam Sandler is a famous actor most known for his comedic roles in hit movies like Big Daddy, The Waterboy, Billy Madison and Mr. Deeds. But, this does not mean that he has not worked in other genres. After acting, he has started working as a fil producer, screenwriter and music director. Adam Sandler has a net worth of 340 million dollar. He is ranked as number 10th on the list of Richest actors in the World.




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