Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in the World In 2020


Popularity is something that does not arise from the quality of someone’s voice. A singer becomes popular by the unique style they possess, their innovative style and the way they present themselves in front of the crowd. Then comes their voice and the talent that also plays a bit of a role in the popularity of the singers, the rest is all charisma and style. But, even a bad singer can become popular by bringing something new in his music. The current musicians play by this rule and are almost always successful in reaching the top.

Music is used as a platform to express one’s feeling and when people can relate themselves with the songs and music, that is when the songs become popular and in turn, musicians. The Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in the World have done the same thing and have produced music that has made the youth feel connected to the songs and this became the reason for the musician’s popularity.

The Top 10 Male Musicians in the World are as follows:

  • Justin Timberlake
  • Taio Cruz
  • Bruno Mars
  • Pitbull
  • David Guetta
  • Eminem
  • Drake
  • Kanye West
  • Macklemore
  • Chris Brown

Justin Timberlake:

A stunning singer, actor, songwriter and producer of records all in one, Justin Timberlake is the whole package in one which is the reason for his popularity. His good looks and personality has always kept his popularity and fame on the rise. He was born in America in 1981 and his career started with acting by starring in TV dramas at a young age. Along with that, he also worked in making music. Justin Timberlake ahs been awarded Grammy and Emmy Awards. He was first in a boy band that became one of the best among the fans after the release of some of his worldwide famous albums like Celebrity and No Strings Attached and NSYNC.

Taio Cruz:

Taio Cruz comes second in the list of Top 10 Most Popular Hottest Male Singers 2018 who is a British multitalented musician than became famous after the world-famous songs Dynamite and Break Your Heart were released. His birth year is 1985 but he started making music in 2009, when his debut best-selling album Rockstar was released. He not only sings the songs but, is also involved in writing it. He has also been involved in rapping and produces hit records. He wrote the song Without You and David Guetta gave voice to it.

Bruno Mars:

Bruno Mars, a man of many talents is a choreographer, singer, writes songs and gives voice to them. He is among the few artists that began their music career very early in their life and that too, successfully. He is an American-Hawaiian music artist that is featured in The Top 10 Most Popular Male Artists. He has his roots in all music types like funk, pop, R&B, rock and various other genres. His biggest hits include “Just the Way You Are, Grenade and The Lazy Song”. He has fans that are spread across the globe in millions.


Pitbull has a very different style from all the singers in the present world and therefore he is included in the list of Top 10 Singers in the World. However, for a long time, his career was running at a slow pace but when his song Give Me Everything reached the Billboards Top 100, his career flourished. From then, the spotlight has been shining on him with a definite glow and all his songs are hitting the top one after another. His fan following has increased to millions in the past few years.

David Guetta:

David Guetta basically has the talent of being a disk jockey (DJ) but in his career, he has released many hit songs that took top place in the charts for a long time because he has a great voice and the talent to compose great music. All his tracks are catchy and easily likeable. His first album was introduced in 2002 which became a big hit and after that he has sold many hit singles that stole the heart of his fans. He has also played music in the famous festival “Tomorrowland” which made him very popular.


Eminem is the best rapper in the world one of the Top Male Singers ever known. He is most famous because of his rapping skills and the music he composes and the stories behind them. He has a fresh style that is very different from all other singers. He has one of the biggest fan following.


Drake has released the most profitable album in the US to date which is when his popularity started. Before that, he released a handful of albums that weren’t very successful but, when “Take Care” was released, the talent of Drake was revealed to the world.

Kanye West:

Kanye West: a singer, fashion designer, rapper music director and painter is included among the Most Famous Singers of 2018 and the reason is his style and personality that has earned him a lot of fame in the music industry. He is also included in the list of best selling musicians of the world.


As is the case with most singers, his career also started with a single that went straight to top in the charts and caused an uproar among the people and that was “Thrift Shop”. He is a handsome man that ahs contributed in making him popular and an authentic style for music that is appreciated by the fans. In the recent years, he released many hit songs that have been liked by the fans very much.

Chris Brown:

Chris Brown is a very famous name in the music industry. His live performances are very famous among the fans because of his unique style and personality and the great vocals he possesses. His career also got attention when he started dating famous female artist Rihanna even though they broke up later, it surely helped.



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