Published On: Sun, Jan 25th,

US President Barack Obama Follows Fake David Cameron on Twitter


London: In the modern age of technology to make fool of anyone is not a difficult task but oops President Barack Obama was among them.

According to latest news it is reported that Barack Obama became the victim of modern tech as he is following the wrong David Cameron, computer game lover, on social blogging site twitter instead of the original British President.

The News was really wondering for everyone because the Superpower has been going to wrong path then what others expect, the President has been following up to 645000 people on twitter to get latest updates that might be the reason but it was absolutely awkward.

British President David Cameron has been following nearly 382 people and US President among them but Obama following are much excluding the David, the relationship was exposed with the help of online tool DoesFollow, which analyses who follows who on the social networking site.

Earlier, President Obama said about British President that he is the closest friend of him and one of the most trust able partners in the world as we face lot of matters together and made decision about them.

Despite of that statement it seems that the reality is not as Obama stated because how he was unaware about fake following if he was so close to him.