Published On: Sat, Feb 21st,

Allison Feldman Found Dead In Suburban Arizona Home Days Before Her Engagement

Allison Feldman discovered dead in mysterious circumstances at her house in Scottsdale’ Phoenix suburb, Arizona on Wednesday afternoon.

The police didn’t reveal about the mysterious killing incident of medical saleswoman, how she killed by murderer? Where it done? Who had done? Because it wasn’t confirm how it happened.

However, Allison’s family members told that she had never performed any negative activity in her whole life and living happily with us and doing job and vowed to get engaged to Alex in next, her boyfriend.

Her father expressed his feelings while telling, caring, friendly daughter discovered in Phoenix house on Friday and after her death he couldn’t sleep because he loved a lot Allison who were happy in her sales job and excited to get engaged.

Harley Feldman, father of victim, told via phone call to media from his house in Excelsior, Minnesota, stated it was hard to face the sudden killing of his daughter and couldn’t sleep after the incident.

Her father also told that police couldn’t attain the accurate reason of killing because the case being investigating and soon will be announced how it had done with Scottsdale’s 31-year-old saleswoman.

The death body of Allison was discovered by her boyfriend Alex who informed the authorities about the murder.

Ben Hoster, sergeant in Scottsdale police, when asked about the investigation on Firday, he denied saying anything about incident, though the investigators had identified a suspect. The authorities trying to keep everything secret till their ending of probe.

But, Hoster demonstrated it couldn’t be revealed about the possible suspects but it seems a homicide case but we are struggling to find out what the actual scene is.

The father of dead lady described her daughter was living in a safe neighborhood on the edge of Old Town Scottsdale which renowned for its late night busy activities, visitors which to visit from nearest towns as well as cities because its night has a lots of fun.