Published On: Tue, Apr 7th,

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Kills a Father as Well 7 Children


Maryland: According to emergency officials, on Monday a father with his seven children discovered dead in their own house in Maryland, it is said that carbon monoxide from a generator which was being used after disconnecting of electricity.

The police from Princess Anne told media that dead bodies were discovered in their house when a concerned co-worker of the father informed them but a couple who identified themselves as the man’s stepfather and mother had not been police officers for days about the incident.

Police has started investigation to find out the real cause of deaths and these bodies have identified as seven young children from 6 to 18 years old and an adult person.

A couple who identified themselves as stepfather (Lloyd Edwards) and mother (Bonnie) of 36-year-old Rodney Todd who was one of the dead bodies, Todd’s parents were met in front of their house when police reached at site.

Todd as father of the seven children as well as two boys and five girls found dead inside of home, though not any clear coming out at the moment but police will soon find out actual cause of the fatalities.

Mr. Edwards and his wife Bonnie identified the children like five girls of them – 12-year-old Tykira Todd, Tybria Todd, 6, Tybree Todd, 10, Tynijuiza Todd, 15 and 9-year-old Tyania Todd. They also announced identifications of boys as 7-year-old Zycheim Todd and Cameron Todd, 13.

The mother of Todd,36, explained her son was so loving, caring person and her every child as were obedient same like him, couldn’t understand the sudden deaths. She also said that Todd was a great father who was so caring with seven children.

A spokesman for Delmarva Power, Mr. Matt Likovich explained that case is being investigated and after investigation, can be said how they died or who is behind the scene.