Published On: Sat, Feb 28th,

Open Fire by a Gunman Kills 9 People in Missouri, United States

An armed person went door to door to his relatives to them and shot dead about 9 while visiting four houses in small region, Tyrone County.

The 36-year-old Joseph Aldridge performed bloody rampage while targeting his relatives and remained successful to shot dead all those who were in his hit list as opened fire on four-cousin who lived at five- kilometers distance and in the end killed himself close to one of the crime sites.

The residents of the area told reporters, Aldridge entered in residences of their relatives with revolver and shot three neighbors, two male cousins and their wives and after killed himself in pickup truck, Summersville’s suburbs, Missouri.

The police have started their investigation but according to residents there were clashes between him and his cousins for years. The officials had confirmed identifications four of the victims as 52-year-old Garold Dee Aldridge and his wife Julie Ann Aldridge, 47—and 50-year-old Harold Wayne Aldridge, his wife Janell Arlisa Aldridge,48.

A man of this region told reporters on condition of anonymity, stated that a young girl,15, running barefoot from a snowy wooded enclave, knocked at his door while wearing a nightgown who was looking scared, roar was heard by her that her parents had been killed.

Three more victims were identified by the local media, Shriver’s son and daughter-in-law Carey– Valerie Shriver, Darrell Shriver.

Martha (Shriver’s wife) was injured in this bloody rampage and being treating in hospital and his grandson hid himself in other room while shooting was being done by the armed and now living with relatives.

The mother of the suspect, 74-year-old Alice L. Aldridge died because of natural causes on sofa being discovered after over 24-hour her death on Thursday night.