Published On: Mon, Aug 31st,

American Horror Story: Ryan Murphy May Have Releasing Two Seasons In Next Year

Ryan Murphy, the founder of the world’s most-liked horror anthology “American Horror Story” on cable and satellite television channel FX, rumored to be set all to release its next two seasons in upcoming year.

It appears to be Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk decided to run horror franchise ‘The Walking Dead’ over America based cable network AMC’s most-watched anthology, reason why to release pair versions in coming.

The all horror franchises has been highly watching on American small screens for previous some years, reason there is a competition coming out among these series’ creators who trying to grab more people attention towards their projects.

However, apparently Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk carrying out focus on every single aspect of the horror franchise AHS as added Hollywood’s biggest personality, pop star Lady Gaga in this project to attract more people towards them.

The creators of AHS recently rolled out a first photograph of Lady Gaga playing role of hotel’s owner, Elizabeth on next season of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’.

Murphy and Falchuk trying to rise the hunger of fans while releasing some clues of fifth season of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ which to be released on 7 October, on FX.

Frank Darabont, who is developer of anthology ‘The Walking Dead’, has launched its sequel titled ‘Fear’ on AMC on 23 August, to carry on its competition to others as horror franchises have been made trend on American small screens.

Nonetheless, on the other hand ‘AHS’ maker Ryan Murphy trying to follow the trend same as other horror franchise’s developers, hence to present two in a row to engage audience completely.

It appears to be if next version would be fall entertainment, though sixth would be the spring show.