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Jennifer Aniston: ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ of

“Because I’ve taken care of my body, my endorphins are going, my blood is pumping,” says Aniston, 47, who earns title of Most Beautiful Woman of by People Magazine. She also secured the same title in 2004. The superstar says that she is taking care of the only body she has.

Aniston says that the credit of her excellently toned body goes to the spin-yoga classes she attends thrice a week. Normally, she attempts to consume more than one hour daily working out, but the things are getting real hard as she has to manage movie promotions — for example her future flick, “Mother’s Day” — with her duties of spokeswoman for Smartwater, Living Proof and Aveeno. Still, she stated she ensures to manage sufficient time with her screenwriter and actor husband, Justin Theroux, the man who is the sole reason of bringing most joy to her.

“He’s just the sweetest and the nicest human. He’s a really kind guy, which is huge,” Aniston stated. She further said that he was the easiest person. She had great discussions with him. He made her laugh — he was so interested and so interesting.

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Though Aniston shows a feel of confidence and serenity present days, she accepts it took her many years to own her body, mainly the one spot she feels distress. Aniston is of the view that beauty is defined by “inner confidence.”

She had never loved her butt. It was kind of a thing. She had owned a bubble butt and it was teasing. But these days, people are in fact spending money in order to inject things. “Like, we are sitting here dying over squats and I am like, ‘Wait, what the trend?!?'” said Aniston. She further added that she thought of her body in in general. She had used to be a bit round thing. Presently she is simply like, “my body is my body”, and so she has accepted things completely.

Also widely recognized for her scrumptious locks, Aniston stated she would admire to watch herself in a short hairstyle.

She is fond of trying a pixie cut on her. But meanwhile she accepts that it is never going to happen. “Never. I am a long-hair girl. I like my hair,” she exclaimed. “It’s like a security blanket.”

She revealed that she uses to take plenty of vitamins thrice a day including Viviscal, vitamin C and basic omegas. But for Aniston, the real beauty comes from inside. “Inner confidence, peace, kindness, honesty; a life well-lived,” she said.


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