Published On: Fri, Nov 11th,

Russia blames rebels of Syria of utilizing chemical arms in Aleppo


The military of Russia stated it has proof of the chemical weapons use by rebels in besieged Syria’s eastern Aleppo city.

“Experts from defense ministry of Russia have discovered unexploded armaments ammunition of terrorists that holds deadly substances,” the military stated in a report.

“After fast analysis in a mobile lab, we have verified that the deadly substances in ammunition of rebels are highly probable to be white phosphorous and chlorine gas.”

In 1070 district ammunition was discovered on southwestern borders of Aleppo, the report stated.

A news agency of Russia stated this zone was re-captured from insurgents by government troops of Syria a few days before. A more detailed analysis will be executed by a military laboratory of Russia credited to the OPWC (Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons), the defense ministry of Russia stated.

State media of Syria previous month blamed rebel factions of comprising fired shells holding deadly gas into government-controlled regions of Aleppo that left dozens of people together with civilians in treatment need. Previous month, a joint panel of OPWC determined that government forces of Syria executed 3 attacks on villages of chlorine gas in &.

Russia though has discharged the findings of JIM (joint investigative mechanism) as “unpersuasive” and stated no authorizations should be forced on Syria for attacks of chlorine gas. Utilizing chlorine as weapon is forbidden in Chemical Weapons Convention that in 2013 Syria joined because of the pressure from Russia, its ally.

Syria’s ex-economic capital, Aleppo, is separated since 2012 among the western districts controlled by government and east held by rebels. Russia has carried out a campaign of bombing in favor of President Bashar al-Assad’s government for over a year. But air strikes have been suspended by Moscow on rebel-controlled Aleppo since 18th of October, subsequent to international disapproval on its vicious bombing of city.

It has in addition ordered numerous “humanitarian” truces in Aleppo in current weeks.


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Russia blames rebels of Syria of utilizing chemical arms in Aleppo

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