Published On: Thu, Nov 10th,

Anti-Trump protests in US by thousands


Protesters in thousands around US seized to the streets on Wednesday to disapprove the selection of Donald Trump in president seat.

The protest was peaceful mostly, authorities stated.

In Chicago, hundreds of thousand people protested and assembled in front of Trump Tower, repeating “Not my president!”

Michael Burke, resident of Chicago stated he is sure that Trump will “break the country and inflame hatred.” He added up there was a lawful duty not to agree to that.

In Manhattan, a related protest by approx 1,000 people, on Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower in midtown, police placed barriers to keep the protesters at bay.

Contestants who comprised both followers of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, independent, who got defeated by Clinton in primary uttered anger at Democrats and Republicans both on the outcome of elections.

Thousands of opposing Donald Trump protesters flowed throughout downtown In Boston, shouting “Trump is a racist” and holding signs that stared “Abolish Electoral College” and “Impeach Trump”.

The protesters assembled on Boston Common earlier than marching in the direction of Massachusetts Statehouse, with enhanced security comprising more police officers.

University of Texas students in hundreds came out of classrooms to protest all the way through downtown Austin. They walked all along streets close to the Texas Capitol and then temporarily obstructed a packed traffic bridge.

Marchers disapproving election of Donald Trump as president shouting and holding signs in Washington, D.C before Trump International Hotel.

Local media televised video on Wednesday night demonstrating a nonviolent crowd before new downtown hotel. Many shouted “No racist USA, no trump, no KKK.”

An additional group remained outside of White House. They were holding candles, listening to the speeches and singing songs.

Dozens of people in Oregon obstructed traffic in downtown Portland, set fire American flags and enforced a holdup for trains on 2 lines of light-rail.


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Anti-Trump protests in US by thousands

Protesters in thousands around US seized to the streets on Wednesday to disapprove the selection o[...]


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