Published On: Thu, Sep 10th,

Hillary Clinton Private E-Mail Matter She Admitted Her Mistake And Apologizes For Private Email


Hillary Clinton admitted use of private email address during responsibilities of Secretary of State as a blunder, apologies for her mistake.

In an interview on Tuesday Hillary Clinton said that I take full responsibility for my mistake and agreed with media that was a blunder mistake of using the private account for my professional work.

Future candidate for democratic president said during apologizing to the entire nation that I am sorry about that and takes the responsibility of using the private account during the time of Secretary State of America.

Recently one day ago on Monday she refuses to apologies from the nation for this matter and said that ‘ It was not a mistake, and I don’t think that I need to say sorry against this matter to our nation or government’.

But this time American lady not just excused but also try to defense herself and said that I was allowed for using my personal E-mail address during the official responsibilities, but now the media has raised this matter so ‘I am Sorry’.

Some experts said that it is a good move by the Hillary, although she said that I was allowed but she shows the soft tone for this matter and that will help her during the general elections in USA.

After that TV interview Clinton once again excuses on the social media and post on Facebook ‘ I am sorry and I have made a mistake’. Her followers give an positive response on her action.

Criticiser claims that using the personal account may not be a secure way to communicate, because there is much sensitive information and there would be heavy damage for America if the information leaks.