Published On: Sun, Jun 14th,

Taliban Killed 17 Police Officers Attacking Police Base in Afghanistan

Kabul: Taliban has been targeting Afghan police force for months as their insurgents once again stormed on Saturday on a police base in Helmand, the southern province in country.

In the result, 17 police officers have killed after a severe and long clash with fighters.

The officials told media that Taliban’s fighters have captured a police base close to the center of the strategically central district of Musa Qala.

The insurgents stormed suddenly about midnight and after that a large-scale fight was continued between Taliban and police officers nearly until early morning, Local police officers and witnesses explained in a statement.

The spokesman for the governor of Helmand Province, Mr. Omar Zwak described by taking media reporters that insurgent also injured and killed in this large-scale battle but we don’t have idea about the number of casualties.

Zwak said in statement,

“We are investigating how this happened. Why didn’t the district center headquarters send reinforcements? It’s a big loss. We are saddened.”

Zwak further explained that when Taliban stormed on base, that time 19 police officers were on duty and after the clash 17 were killed and two of them were injured.

On the other hand, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Afzal Aman who is chief of operations for the Ministry of Defense, has stated that Musa Qala which is a town and the district center of Musa Qala District in northern Helmand, linking up the district of Baghran— Taliban has already taken control of the location.

The officers were posted to battle against the insurgents in Baghran were located at the Takhtapol base, that is situated about a half mile from the district headquarters in Musa Qala.

Taliban are stronger than the country’s ill-equipped and weakly trained police forces, reason why facing defeat and the casualties by fighting with insurgents who all are well trained as well have advance equipments.