Published On: Thu, Sep 3rd,

Taylor Swift’s Dream Of A Very White Africa, Watch Wildest Dreams Song Video


Pennsylvanian youngest pop star Taylor Swift has released its new song ‘Wildest Dreams’ video about two days ago on internet, shows some romantic filming is being done in African deserts.

The video of ‘Wildest Dreams’ was filmed in African desert and California that showed white love birds falling in love with each other and beauty of Africa’s landscapes as well as some beautiful animals as a giraffe, a zebra and a lion.

The video shows, American gorgeous pop star Taylor Swift donned up a colonial-era woman in African barren region, while fallen in love with a white handsome man, while filming of a movie. The director of the film and staff seems to be white, even other cast.

However, all is well in this video but the fans are little confused that why the video production group and her record label selected the barren region of Africa for film of this most romantic video despite living modern world.

The plot of the most romantic video revolves around a white couple played by Swift and Hollywood star Scott Eastwood who recently was seen in The Longest Ride.

The plot tells a tale of two 1940s-era movie stars, who fallen in love but some tensions have also been emerged in way of their relationship. The whole filming of ‘Wildest Dreams’ was done in most beautiful location of the African desert.

Nonetheless, the production group and director appeared to be disappointed to Colonialism which was neither romantic nor beautiful.

The entire team discovered Colonialism as unfair and some awkward, while one of the scholars told that it can be measured the location while considering its poor economic performance, weak property rights and tribal tensions.

The most barren regions in Africa showing the complete scenery huge destruction and lawlessness, spread of dangerous ailments.