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Top 10 Most Beautiful Females Singers


Successfully artist in world not only talented and professional in their field but also a beautiful personality and gorgeous look. There personality has a lot of characteristics that make them famous and they become celebrities. Female singers who becomes not only for their voice but also their physical appearance make a great impression on the audience.

1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the most beautiful American singer and actress. She was born in America in 1989. The most beautiful singer has a good inside and outside. She is very kind and pretty among all singers. She is intelligent, gorgeous and flawless and kind in a way she expressed herself. She has a smooth clear skin curly blonde hair that makes her look more beautiful. Her mother is her mentor and she gives some tips about how to use eyeliner, lipsticks, mascara, and lash curler.   She keeps herself simple and avoids excess makeup. She never experiment with her beauty specially her curly hair and avoid todye them. When she was tired then she prefers to use red lipstick instead of complete makeup. Taylor loves to cook and eat, she takes heavy breakfast and take light things like yogurt, salads and sandwich throughout the day. She regularly goes to gym and takes 1 hour exercise. She also us She starts her career when she was very young and soon she get rewarded and reached heights. She is been hired by the Sony/Atv Music publishing house and become the youngest songwriter. Her first album was release in 2006. She is also an actress and performs in different episodes of crime scene investigation. She also hosts a musical guest program. In 2012 she received the big help award for dedications to helping other from Michelle Obama. She also holds 7 Germany awards, 16 American Music awards. In2015 she is on top of the list of musical artist and her 40 million albums are sold and 130 million single downloads.

2. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is the second on the list of top 10 most beautiful female singers. She was born in America in 1992. She is also an actress and a fashion designer. She starts her career with a children series Barney & Friends in 2000. She becomes famous of her role in Wizards of Waverly Place and known as Disney’s Princess. She is very lucky and born with beautiful skin and God gifted face. She never try to do anything with her face and gorgeous body. She has beautiful eyes and she like to play with her eyes. She use her favourite mascare Maybelline form her teenage and draw her eyebrows with different shades of colour range for black to bolder yellow. Selena hairs are also one of the best in Hollywood. Her thick, shiny and natural chocolate brown color hair that make her face and body more beautiful specially when she keep that on her shoulders. she is also a good actress and worked in feature films including Ramona, Monte Carlo and Beezus, and Hotel Transylvania. She also works with UNICEF for charitable causes for several years. She was in relation with Justin Bieber for two years and have broke up in 2013.

3. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato place third in list of top 10 most beautiful female singers in the world. She was also born in America in 1992. She is also an actress, songwriter and model. She starts her career as a child actress in Barney & Friends. She also works in a film Camp Rock for the Disney Channel Television. Her first album Don’t Forger is release in September 2008. Her single hit Give your Heart a Break make a selling record. She always looks beautiful whether she is full of make or without makeup; her physical appearance makes impression on the viewers. Demi Lovato has a colorful and funky hair styles. In her fifth album Confident was released and album records a sale of 98000 copies in just first week of release. Lovato hold many awards including Billboard Touring Award MTV Video Music Awards, 5 People Choice Awards, and 13 Teen Choice Awards.

4. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is an American singer, songwriter and actress and at number four in the list top 10 most beautiful female singers. She was born in America in 1984.. She stars her career in gospel music as a teenager. She has charming face and beautiful eyes in the world. She is naturally beautiful and has the greatest body of all singers. She has a great spirit and amazing voice and so pretty. Katy Perry make different hairstyles because of nice and straight hairs. She is a truly beauty icon for young generation. She is consider a sex symbol because she was ranked first on the Maxim Hot 100 in 2010 and become the most beautiful women in the world. Perry holds so many awards, she was in the Forbes list of Top-Earning Women in Music.

5. Shakira

Shakira is a colombian singer and at no 5 on the list most beautiful female singer of the world. She was born in 1977 and she was also dancer, record producer, songwriter and a model. She has a great body and the best and hottest dancer of the world. She got a natural beautiful glowing face and her facial expression are tremendous Her first studio album Magia and Peligro was not commercially successful. She is influenced by rock and roll and has belly dancing abilities. In 2002 she was including in the list 102 sexiest women in the world in stuff magazine. She was also featured in Maxim Magazine at 5 among Hot 100 of 2002. She also got a star from Hollywood walk of Fame in 2011. She is all time highest selling Colombian artist and place second on the list of most successful Latin female singer after Gloria Estefan. Her “Waka Waka” song, the theme song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup is become the most favorite song of any sports event. She was also Goodwill Ambassador of a UNICEF and in 2010 she is also honored by United Nations International Labor Organization for her charitable efforts.

6. Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is at no 6 on the list of top 10 most beautiful female singer in the world. She is Canadian-French singer. She was born in Canada in 1984. She is also a musician songwriter and occasional actress. She has beautiful eyes and has great facial expression. She is the fashion icon of makeup, beauty and hairstyle. She is famed for her pipes and punky style and she foraying into nail polish design. Her first album Let Go becomes the most popular album. She also worked on television and in feature films and as fashion designer.

7. Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho is an American classical singer and at no seven on the list of top 10 most beautiful female singers. She was born in America in 2000. Jackie is a young girls and her voice is most beautiful at the age of 11. Her beautiful tone and perfect pitch are amazing. Once she appears in a show and after that she signed a record deal and going ahead. In 2010 she becomes the best selling debut artist when her album O Holy Night EP release and become top 10 youngest debut artists in the US history. Evancho is the ambassador of US Humane Society Program that helps and support children to protect animals. She also works for Disney channel and work in featured films.

8. Beyonce

Beyonce is an American singer and ranked at 8 on the list. She was born is America in 1981. She is the most beautiful black singer. She is sexy like other celebrities and consistently voted for most beautiful women for 7 years on ABC and MTV network. Her first album Dangerously in Love breaks all records and 12 million copies are sold of that album and she become famous all over the world. She becomes the best paid music personality and earned 80 million in one year. After releasing her album Dangerously in Love she becomes crossover sex sign. She is one of the best selling music artist as she sold 15 million albums in the US and 118 million all over the world.

9. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is an American singer, songwriter and actress and appears at number nine on the list of top 10 most beautiful female singers. She was born in America in 1983.she is stunning and brilliant. Audition in American idol change her life and she finished fourth in 2005 season. She becomes the youngest member of the Grand Ole Opry in 2008, when she was 26 years old. Her first album “Some Hearts” release in 2005 becomes the fastest female selling album. “Inside Your Heaven” her first single hit the top of Billboard charts. Carrie Underwood holds seven Grammy Awards, eight American Awards. She was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

10. Jenifer Lopez

Jenifer Lopez is an American and Latina actress, dancer, fashion designer producer and singer. She is at the last on the list of most beautiful female singer in the world. she is also a business women. she owns a production company, consulting different clothing lines, accessories and fragrances. Her most hit blockbuster include “Selena” , “the wedding Planner” and “Maid in Manhattan” and becomes the highest paid Latina Actress. She also works for television and perform different roles romantic, depressed, funny and violent. In FHM magazine she is the only women who become twice and the sexiest women of the world. Jenifer Lopez performs in FIFA World cup Opening ceremony. Her personal life is very depressed and she had been divorced for three times.







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