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Top 10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Girls in the World Beautiful Girls Always Look Attractive

People are beautiful and they are everywhere in the world in every continent, in every country and in every city. But here is the hard truth that there are some countries that have prettier and hot girls as compared to the other countries all over the world.

It basically means that there are some countries whose citizens especially girls have more beautiful outlook than the other countries girls. We will make this list by seeing the most desirable features and also the most crowns of Miss World and Miss Universe they have won.

So below we will look at the top ten countries with the most beautiful girls in the world. Some of you will agree with us and also some of you won’t so after reading this article give us your reviews about our list. The list is given below.

10. Singapore

Singapore is a great country with some most of beautiful buildings and lighting in it. But on the other hand it is also lucky to have beautiful girls with fair skins in it. Girls in Singapore are of medium heights and are beautiful by their skin and eyes and simplicity.

But the biggest thing about them that attracts people around the world is there long shiny hairs. Their hairs are attractive and it is because of the climate in that country.


9. South Korea

South Korea is 9th on the list because of the beauty there. The girls of South Korea are also very attractive due to their appealing and beautiful personalities.

When we see movies of South Korea we see how beautiful are the girls of this country yet they look simple, they appeal us with their innocent and cute looks and their skins colour. So here is another country with beautiful girls.


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8. Brazil

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world and is known as a land of beauties. Everything about this country is cool either it is football, stadiums or beautiful girls.

Young girls in Brazil are so beautiful that they attract people to them and when they grew up they have this bold look in them which makes them hot plus beautiful. By this token this country is included in the top ten list for most beautiful girls. That’s why one has to see so many Brazilian beauties contests the Miss Universe contest.


7. Ukraine

Ukraine is a beautiful country including one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Mostly the girls in this country have a fair and goldish colour look that makes them more desirable. Blondes are present in huge number in Ukraine.

A lot of Ukraine females have won Miss World and also Miss universe contests because of their bold and attractive personalities. Ukrainian Girls have this audacity about themselves that make them more attractive and desirable.


6. Denmark

Denmark is basically present inside the Scandinavian division. Which means that firstly this country is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and also this country has one of the most beautiful girls in the world? The best thing about the girls in Denmark is their eyes.

They are so attractive that it made them more desirable to the people in the world. The girls of this country also known for taking good care of themselves and make them healthy and that makes them more beautiful.


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5. Russia

Russia is the biggest country in the world and probably one of the coldest countries in the world too. Russian girls are long heighted and beautiful. Average height of them is in between 5’5 to 5’10 and that’s a great height for girl.

Moreover the girls have bold outlook, but the most desirable feature about them is that they are considered tough. Russia’s girls also have a fair skin tone and mixed hair of blonde and black.


4. India

India is also very lucky because they have a multi cultured country where one can find every type of girl. But the most attractive thing found in Indian girls is their long shiny black hair.

And because of that either the young girls are slim or fat it covers that aspect and gives them a beautiful outlook. Also Indian females have won many Miss World and Miss Universe contests like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Lara Dutta, Sushmita Sen, and Priyanka Chopra etc.


3. Argentina

Argentina is on the right side of Brazil in the continent and lies on the shore of an Ocean. Argentinean girls are very beautiful but also are beauty conscious.

Because of this trait girls of this country while young try to make themselves more beautiful and desirable. It is the result of this that the girls of Argentina are charming and beautiful. Girls are very innocent in this country.


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2. Venezuela

Venezuela is a country with great places of natural land beauty. Despite of this gift God has given this country beautiful and gorgeous girls too. The girls in Venezuela are so beautiful that often they have won Miss World and Miss Universe contests.

One of the unique features of young girls is that they are bold and hot which makes their personalities more desirable and beautiful. People around the world love the Venezuela girls and their beauty and often visit this country to see it.


1. United States

United States of America tops the list because they have the most gorgeous girls in the world. These young girls are charming and have a dual impact of South American and British in them. Which makes them more beautiful? Many of USA girls have won the Miss World and Miss Universe contests and probably the most.

The girls are fashionable and up to date in this country and love to make them healthy and fit. Fashions are often comes out of this country because the way these girls makes them prettier gives rise to a new fashion in the world. The girls of United States are charming and well are desirable.


  • Warren Hawley

    I’m American and we are definitely NOT number one. Heck we aren’t even on the list. I think because of our ‘melting pot’ status should preclude us from the list. South Korea should have had #1 with Japan being 2nd. Singapore shouldn’t have made the list. The rest of the list is fine. However, if I’ going to knock 2 off I have one more to add. I would say Hungary. Ukraine is present as well as Russia, but Huagary is likely more indicative and pure in its selection. Actually Russia is fine, but Ukraines inclusion is fuzzy at best since it’s a former soviet state. Anyway, America has no idea of beauty. Once upon a time Julia Roberts? Angelina Jolie – puke. Pamela Anderson – are you kidding me!!!


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