Published On: Mon, Nov 24th,

Two British Ex-Soldiers Fighting Alongside the Kurdish Fighters in Syria

Two British ex-soldiers, Jamie Read and James Hughes, joined forces fighting Kurdish militants in Syria extremist group calling itself the Islamic State (EI).

It was reported that both are among 15 western volunteers involved in the fight with militia People’s Protection Units (YPG, for its acronym in Kurdish).

In an interview for the BBC, Read, Scottish exmilitar denied being a mercenary and said his motivation is to defend the Kurdish people. He added that are not paid for their contribution to the Kurdish cause.

The British government has warned its citizens not to go to Syria, but it is said that more than 500 of them have fought by the side of EI.

Last month, a US citizen who fought against EI in Syria told the BBC that hundreds of former soldiers are considering joining the military campaign.