Published On: Sat, Jan 24th,

Air Strikes Near Damascus Syria Kill 32 People, Including 6 Children


Damascus: Syrian based airstrikes hit the rebel-held area of a village on Friday afternoon, killed at least 32 including six children.

International media reported that government airstrike in Syria near capital, believed to area of rebels, and killed more than 30 civilians including at least six children. The air operation hit the village on Friday afternoon after prayers in a rebel-held district of Hamouriyeh in eastern Ghouta.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group has stated the death toll near 42 while it also said that it may rises because many of people were severely wounded from bombing, have been hospitalized.

The Observatory described the government airstrikes as massacre which caused killing of dozens of civilians and unarmed men while also bodies also contain few innocent children, however, it often stated that Syrian based airstrikes have difficulty to discriminate civilians and rebels.

Government authorities denied the killings of citizens gave a statement that airstrikes hit the area where Syrian rebels gathered after Friday prayer, also claimed that they have been suffered from several causalities in these bombings led by Syrian militant group.