Published On: Sun, Nov 23rd,

Detained Former Portuguese Prime Minister Socrates Corruption


The former Socialist Prime Minister Jose Socrates of Portugal was arrested Friday night for their alleged involvement in a case of tax fraud, money laundering, document forgery and corruption, as announced the Attorney General’s Office.

The problems of the former prime minister of justice were revealed by the magazine Saturday in July in connection with the operation Montebranco also for money laundering. In that operation was arrested and taken to declare Ricardo Salgado, head of business of Espírito Santo. However, the attorney general denied then that Socrates was investigating. So now in its statement clarifies that his detention has nothing to do with the operation of July, and that the investigation is “banking, money transfers and movements known and legally permissible without justification.”

It is the first time in the history of Portugal that stops a former Prime Minister of the Republic. With him were arrested Carlos Santos Silva (administrator group of buildings Lena and friend of Socrates), Gonzalo Ferreira (attorney Proengel, another construction company Santos Silva) and his driver Joao Perna, according to official data.

Socrates ruled with absolute majority since 2005. He enjoyed the boom in the economy, but fell with his explosion and crisis in 2011, nothing else sign the arrival of the troika-representatives of the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Commission to receiving 80,000 million Euros to rescue the country.

According to the authors of the book the last banker, Socrates only consulted with a person whether to call the troika: the boss of Espírito Santo, Ricardo Salgado.

Socrates’s best years were also the Espírito Santo Group and the bank itself, the BES. With no one understood better than Salgado socialist Socrates is not the first time that the former prime minister is related to various investigations, but they were never confirmed.

When on July 31, the magazine Saturday unveiled its involvement in the operation along Montebranco Salgado, Socrates denied absolute and quietly, because who has nothing has nothing to fear, said then. Research focused on his Paris apartment, which he said was the result of a family heirloom like their homes in Lisbon.

Commentator for two years on public television RTP, there declared proudly. “I have a single bank account for more than 25 years ago, never had any shares or foreign accounts first thing I did when I left the government was borrowing money to my bank. ”

The weekly Sol (Angolan property), who first revealed the news says that Socrates was already prime minister in 2010 -being a fortune of 20 million Euros in Swiss bank UBS, which brought to Portugal in that year, Wrap Extraordinary Regularization Tax Regime your own government planned twice. That money came through a company offshore your friend now also arrested, Santos Silva. Socrates only paid 5% tax. The money was deposited in the BES, to name always Santos Silva, front man for everything, then what happened to Socrates.

Sun goes further; he says that this was already the second regularization of Socrates. The first was only half a million Euros, also by Santos Silva, a friend of his people Colvinha, and handymen of all real estate transactions. Santos bought three houses to the mother of Socrates, who thus had laundered money and justified the absence of other income.

The Attorney General’s Office said in mid afternoon that the detention of Socrates has to do with a bank communication “made the Central Department of Investigation and Penal Action (DCIAP) in compliance with the law on the prevention and suppression of whitening of capital”.

Early in the afternoon, Socrates was taken to his home in the exclusive building Heron Castilho, so you witness the inspection of documents by judicable inspectors. By 1645 he was brought before Judge Carlos Alexandre, where he testified to 22.30 pm. Again in a car with tinted glass, was taken into custody, where he will spend the night, indicating that Sunday will continue his statement.

This case occurs in Portugal a week after the operation Labyrinth, the case of gold visas granted to non-EU foreigners investing in the country more than 500,000 Euros. In this case resigned Interior Minister Miguel current Government Macedo, but stressed that it had nothing to do with the case. Friends and followers of Macedo yes they were implicated and arrested.