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Enjoy the R-rated DC Comics’ animated movie with the Batman: The Killing Joke trailer

Here comes the official trailer of The Batman: The Killing Joke trailer. We are providing you the opportunity to have a look on DC Entertainment and Warner Bros’ animation and Brian Bolland and Alan Moore’s graphic novel’s direct-to-video animated adaptation. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment accepted the R rating of MPAA’s for their forthcoming movie, selecting to stay true to the breakthrough DC Comics graphic novel’s controversial, violent story, and ranking the film the 1st non-PG-13/PG rated film in DC Universe Original Movie franchise’s history of 9 years. You can watch the Killing Joke trailer in the following provided player.

Batman: The Killing Joke is among the history’s best-grossing graphic novels. It explains the story of The Joker’s origin– right from his meek starting as a struggling comic, to his momentous happenstance with Batman that alters lives of both of them forever. Actors Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy recurrent their Batman: The Animated Series characters as The Joker and Batman, respectively.

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Drawn by Brian Bolland and written by Alan Moore, Batman: The Killing Joke was issued in 1988 and is extensively considered to be among the best comic book stories till date so far. The graphic novel bids a version of origin story of Joker and trails as the Crime’s Clown Prince terrifies Commissioner Jim Gordon and finally paralyzes Barbara Gordon, his daughter. Though the tale was not genuinely thought to happen in the regular continuity of DC Comics, The Killing Joke ended up setting in action the occasions that would conclude in Barbara Gordon becoming Oracle.

The animated version of Batman: The Killing Joke film, which is likely to unveil on Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray later this year, is executive production of Bruce Timm and will repeat the characteristic tale. It will also be showcasing a 15-minute original preface that helps establish the story, providing even old fans of the tale something fresh to expect.


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