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Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees Becomes The Most Loved Teaser


A few days earlier we informed our readers how Raees by Shah Rukh Khan has secured victory in the 1st round of smash with Sultan, which may not release this Eid, by finishing the movie quite earlier than Salman Khan’s film. The latter is yet under shooting. It was thought to start 2nd round of this battle and Raees claimed the victory again. After the release of Sultan‘s teaser, a poll was created and people were asked to tell which of the 2 teasers impressed them more. Evidently, King Khan‘s movie has claimed victory once again.

Shah Rukh was enough self-assured about Raees that the teaser of the movie and the posters was released previous year itself and that in July too. The super star is back in the anti-hero attire which became very popular with 1st Baazigar and then Don. He is playing as a bootlegger and fans will be seeing him doing some real action in the movie. The movie offers a complete commercial entertainment with a dark theme. The teaser was welcomed by loud applause. Everyone was talking good about it. There was attitude, swagger and a nasty look that got the attention of viewers all over the world. It was not astonishing to watch this much amount of votes going to its pool. Securing 65 % votes, Raees claimed the poll quite easily.

However as a matter of fact, the teaser of Sultan was not bad either. It wedged to the ground. It is a tale of Sultan Ali Khan and that was precisely what the teaser depicted. No dull background notch, no useless one-liner to play to the gallery or an enforced romantic perspective…. it simply talked about what was already known. Salman Khan playing the character of Sultan was on point! He has not seemed this good in present times. We really admired the teaser but fans were not in agreement with us and they only gave it 35 % vote.

To See More (New Still from Sultan: Anushka Sharma looks ferocious)


So obviously, Raees earned the 2nd round 2 this clatter too. This sends a message to Bollywood’s King Khan; do not move your movie from Eid, as your admirers will make it a smash hit even with a Sultan on competition!


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