Published On: Mon, Aug 17th,

Shakira Links Up Disney Animation’s For Upcoming ‘Zootopia’ Voice Cast

Colombian tremendous pop star, dancer, and choreographer has linked up Clark Spencer’s upcoming American computer-animated comedy-adventure Zootopia, the studio explained on Friday at its D23 Expo in Anaheim.

The most-awaited Byron Howard animated comedy-adventure venture is being directed by co-directors as Rich Moore and Byron Howard, we attained bit information about the Walt Disney Animation’s project.

Colombia’s seduction queen Shakira has became the part of the voice cast of Motion Pictures’ full of thrill & fun animated film alongside Katie Lowes (TBA), Alan Tudyk (TBA), Jason Bateman (Nick Wilde), and Ginnifer Goodwin who will be heard voicing Lieutenant Judy Hopps.

However, the 38-year-old singer to be heard voicing the character Gazelle which appears to be the biggest pop star in Zootopia. Shakira also has recorded the new track titled ‘Try Everything’ for the movie.

Gazelle, who has sweetest voice and also considers herself one of the hottest celebrities in Zootopia, while Goodwin is voicing character Judy Hopps which appears to be bunny who is actually a fierce-tempered police officer as well main protagonist in this venture.

Nick Wilde is being voiced by Jason Bateman and a deuteragonist of Disney’s adventure-packed film, whose sleepy eyes reflects his conspiring to do something bad kind of act all the time which will be discovered great entertainer.

Hopps is an only bunny in Zootopia who will face the naughtiest fast-talking scam-artist fox Wilde which would be bad experience for him.

We have learnt by the revelation from the directors and producer of Zootopia that the animals who all are meal of each other in reality and being eaten by each other, though they all will be seen while doing lots of fun with each other but not eating each other in the biggest animal town.

The film slated to be hit ‘United States theaters on 4 March, and not any rumored characters as apes, birds or reptiles are part of the film.