Published On: Mon, Jul 13th,

Suicide Attack on Military Base Kills More Than 32 in Afghanistan


Khost: Afghan militants raised their terrorist acts, car bomb detonated at checkpoint that located close to Camp Chapman, a military base housing where Afghan and international troops are living.

The Afghan authorities reported that more than 32 people have been shot dead in the result of a suicide car bomb attack that blew up near the NATO base, situated in province Khost.

According to Afghan media, the militants installed explosives in a car which was stationed close to military base and suddenly blew up nearly at 6.55 p.m. that time people were busy breaking their Ramadan fast.

The rescue workers reached after minutes of attack and took all victims to nearest hospital using Ambulances where better treatment is being given them. Those who died in this bombing said to be Afghan citizens.

The media reporters asked police chief Khost city about the incident, Faizullah Ghairat said that the suicide attacker blew himself with heavy explosives at a military roadblock on the way to entrance of Camp Chapman.

Nevertheless, not any terrorist group claimed responsibility for bombing, while some people believe, the attack was carried out by the Taliban as he has been targeting Afghan and foreign troops for a long time.

Security officials told that United States troops as well as foreign troops remain on duty at targeted location Camp Champan alongside Afghan armed forces.

The senior officials from NATO mission in Afghanistan said in statement that someone informed already about this attack but didn’t explain more.

Before that Al-Qaeda targeted Camp Chapman in 2009 by using heavy explosives and later on claimed responsibility. In 1983, a deadliest attack on the US agency killed seven officials from Central Intelligence Agency were reportedly shot dead, while eight other officers killed in bombing on a military base in Beirut.