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Top 10 Best and Most Popular Soccer Teams in the World

Soccer is considered as one of world’s most popular game that has been played in more than two hundred countries. There are several football teams which are not only famous in their own country but also well known all over the world following its winnings, team play, value and players of the team.

The world most played game is also the favorite sport in United States and European countries, the biggest event of association football teams is FIFA World Cup which has been played after every four years. The list of top popular and best soccer teams with their respective value is give below for you:

10: Liverpool F.C. (Value: $691 million)
Liverpool based football club Liverpool F.C. is formed in 1992 which has numerous victories in journey of twenty three year. The English team has won three UEFA Cups, five European Cups, three UEFA Super Cups and seven FA Cups while it has also eighteen League titles but unluckily Premier League if away since its formation.

The players wear an all-red home strip since 1964 changing red shirts and white shorts to all in one color while having current value of $691 million it has been added in the list of top best and popular teams.

9: Juventus (Value: $850 million)
The professional Italian association football club Juventus has based in Turin, country’s third oldest club is founded as Sport Club in 1897. The soccer club has been recognized as most influential in worldwide football and contributed a lot in national team while its fan base is larger than any other Italian football club and is one of the largest worldwide.

Juventusis historically most successful with overall fifty-six official titles following record thirty league titles, 9 Italian cups and 6 national super cups, named in the list of top best and most popular soccer teams in the world.

8: AC Milan (Value: $856 million)
Founded in 1899 A.C. Milan is a professional Italian football club that holds 18 officially recognized UEFA and FIFA titles, considered as second most successful club in the world. The club has estimated current value is $856 million while number of titles includes three Intercontinental Cups, seven times European Cup/Champions League, five times UEFA Super Cup and two Cup Winners’ Cup.

Owned by former Italian Prime Minister and shareholder of Mediaset Silvio Berlusconi AC Milan is world’s wealthiest and most valuable Italian football club which is also enlisted in top best and most popular soccer teams.

7: Manchester City (Value: $863 million)
Premier League football club Manchester City is founded in 1880 became one of the wealthiest clubs in the world after Abu Dhabi United Group purchased it in 2008.

Based in Manchester, England it has approximate value of $863 million Manchester City is enrolled in the list of top best and most popular soccer teams in the world. Recognized as most tough and spirited team it has won Premier League four times, five FA Cups, four FA Community Shields, three Football League Cups and UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup once.

6: Chelsea (Value: $867 million)
Chelsea Football Club is a professional football club based in Fulham that has founded in 1905 while considered as top tier of English football. Throughout its inception the club has very successful journey while Chelsea major winnings include four league titles, one UEFA Champions League, seven FA Cups, two UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups, five League Cups, four FA Community Shields, one UEFA Super Cup and one UEFA Europe League.

Owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich the club has net value of $867 million at present, included in our list of top best and most popular soccer teams.

5: Arsenal (Value: $1.331 billion)
Arsenal football club is based in Holloway, London considered as one of the most decorated clubs which plays in English football’s top tier. The club is also stands among top ranked teams following highest incomes and fan bases all over world while fifth most valuable association football club having value of $1.331 billion.

Arsenal Holdings plc owned Arsenal football club has numerous national and worldwide honors such as club won Premier League thirteen times, FA Cup eleven times and FA Community Shield thirteen times.

4: Bayern Munich (Value: $1.85 billion)
Based in Munich the German sports club FC Bayern Munich is professional football team and most successful club in history of German football. Founded in 1990 it owns record 17 national cups and 24 national titles named in the list of top best and most popular soccer teams in the world.

One of the most successful European clubs internationally has won European Cup three times, one European Cup, one UEFA Cup, one UEFA Super Cup, two Intercontinental Cups and one FIFA World Cup. Bayern Munich is the biggest sports club in Germany and the third biggest football club worldwide with value of $1.85 billion.

3: Manchester United (Value: $2.81 billion)
Manchester United is one of best and most popular soccer teams in the world, founded in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR Football Club while renamed as Manchester United in 1902. The most successful English club has various winnings since formation, ranked among top football clubs with value of $2.81 billion.

Manchester United winnings include twenty league titles, eleven FA Cups, four League Cups, a record twenty FA Community Shields, 3 European Cups, one Intercontinental Cup, one UEFA Super Cup, and FIFA Club World Cup once.

2: Barcelona (Value: $3.2 billion)
Founded by Swiss, English and Catalan footballers in 1899 football club Barcelona is second most valuable soccer worth $3.2 billion in the world. World’s most supported team has millions of fans on social networking sites and enlisted in top best and most popular soccer teams in the world.

Barcelona ahs long list of domestic and international victories ranked second position on the UEFA club current rankings while hold top position at IFFHS Club World Ranking in past few years. The winnings titles include twenty times La Liga, twenty six Copa Del Rey, UEFA Champions League four times, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup four times and FIFA Club World Cup twice.

1: Real Madrid (Value: $3.44 billion)
Real Madrid is a professional football club founded in 1902 as Madrid Football Club, one of most widely supported team in the world.

Real Madrid has been ranked at top position in most valuable list of well known website with worth of $3.44 billion while it is also one of top best and most popular soccer teams in the world. The Club has endless winnings throughout its journey since its formation including thirty two La Liga titles, ten European Cup/UEFA Champions League, two UEFA Cups, two UEFA Super Cups and a FIFA Club World Cup.


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