Published On: Mon, Feb 23rd,

Zekra Alwach Creates History, Appointed First Female Mayor of Baghdad

The Iraq government first time appointed a female Mayor Dr. Zekra Alwach for Baghdad city, who renowned as director general of the ministry of higher education and a civil engineer who became first woman in 1,250 year history of Iraq while appointing first female mayor for Baghdad city.

Iraqi government spokesperson told media while addressing, Alwach set all to start work as mayor of the city from Sunday and intended to work in midst of the extensive violence and widespread corruption.

She took charge of the main administrative position as mayor in the Baghdad and signed straight contract with Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi and appeared at post of Cabinet minister.

Rafed Juburi, spokesman for government told international reporters that she had taken charge as mayor on Sunday as PM Abadi declared Dr Zekra Alwach new mayor of capital while replacing the name of ex-mayor Naim Aboub.

Juburi described the reason of former Aboub’s disqualification, Aboub charged by people on social media continuously as well as the public of capital city called him incompetent, but his removal was not considered punishment.

Aboub highly criticized by the people of Iraq when he stated in his statement in March that surrounded by widespread corruption and violence in the result of ongoing civil-war, ‘more beautiful than Dubai and New York’.

She had elected at wrong time because nowadays, country suffered in uncontrolled corruption, economical crisis and busy to fight with Middle East’s largest terror organization Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as their brutality killing numerous people regularly in whole countries and captured some towns and cities of western Iraq.

The appointment of Alwach is an initiative for gender equality in nation as in this Islamic country violence against women and discrimination in on the top.