Published On: Tue, Jan 20th,

Delaware Shooting Shots: Fired Outside US Vice President Joe Biden’s House


Delaware: Shots have been fired outside the home of the US Vice President Joe Biden’s residence on Saturday from a high speed vehicle.

According to foreign news agency multiple gun shots fired from a public road, hundred yards far from US Vice President Joe Biden’s home in Greenville heard by Secret Service security staff.

Secret service officials stated that a high speed car has shot fired near the house of US Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday, however, the Joe and his wife was not present at home on the time of shooting.

The Vice President spokesperson said that Mr. Joe and his wife fortunately not in the house where a high rate speed shot multiple fires around on Saturday, authorities investigating the incident and arrested one suspect but it is not clear that he has any direct link with the shooting.

The investigators didn’t reveal the identity of the detained man while it is also unknown that either fire hit any area of the resident until the initial report in this regard has been submitted.