Published On: Thu, Dec 25th,

Ebola Crisis: Christmas Parties Organized For Liberian Children

Sierra Leone: Christmas parties have been organized by aid workers for the Liberian children, left homeless or lose their parents followed by Ebola crisis.

According to media reports many of aid workers and NGO’s joined the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Liberia to organize the Christmas parties for the innocent children who became the victims of deadly Ebola.

Local NGO Department of Children and Families (DCF) arranged nearly 14 parties while NGO is planning for 12 more parties in coming days in areas which are most affected by Ebola especially for the children who have bear the loss of parents became homeless and displaced.

Aid workers and humanitarian organization including UN agencies in Liberia, New York, Belarus and Turkey along with individuals’ donations from around the world have collected funds to serve lunch, drinks, presents and entertainment for thousands of children in the West African region including Sierra Leone, Liberia and Montserrado.

According to UN reports thousands of people died following Ebola crisis this year while millions were left homeless which contains large number of innocent children for all West Africa.