Published On: Thu, Jan 1st,

North Korea Kim Jong-Un Accepts Highest-Level Dialogue With South Korea

Three days after the talks opening proposal made by South Korea , the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said he had no reason to reject the outstretched hand.

If the South Korean authorities sincerely want to improve relations between North Korea and South through dialogue, we can resume the high-level meetings that were suspended , he has said in his New Year speech , released Thursday 1st January by the media of the North Korean state.

Monday, Ryoo Kihl-jae, South Korean Minister of Unification in charge of North Korean affairs, said he was ready to meet with representatives of the neighboring countries for discussions on the issue of the meeting of families separated by the war or of events to mark the 70th anniversary of the division of the peninsula at the end of the second world war in 1945.

In October, border incidents prevented the resumption of talks and the situation between the two countries worsened thereafter, demanding the North South to stop the release of leaflets hostile to his regime sent by South Korean activists.

The final discussion between the two Koreas back in February. She had allowed the meeting of families, but the dialogue was later discontinued due to an increased military tension.