Published On: Thu, Feb 12th,

Mallika Sherawat To Join Politics For Women’s Rights


The famous bold and beautiful actress of Bollywood, Mallika Sherawat has decided to join politics for women empowerment and to become voice of Indian women, said Mailka in an interview.

The Dirty Politics actor, Malika Sherawat plans to join politics. In an interview Mallika Sherawat stated the she is inspired by the work of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that she would definitely join politics if given proper platform, as women’s empowerment is a close cause to her heart.

Mallika Sherawat seemed very much enthusiastic and motivated to help the women of her society. She firmly believes that if provided proper channel she can do a lot for the women of her society and she can help them in attaining better status and respect in society.

She said that women gender is consider weak in Indian society whereas women are stronger than men and are not lesser than men in any field. Indian women are as capable as any other women of the world.

“If I get a good platform, I would like to join politics. If through that platform, I can do something for the women in our society, then I would like to do it,” Mallika Sherawat told IANS.

Mallika Sherawat further stated that if she won’t get a platform then she will start her own NGO for the empowerment of women in India. She said that women can prove themselves in every field if proper channel is provided to them.