Published On: Tue, Feb 17th,

Pakistan Lost Match Against India Due To Saeed Ajmal Clearance Deal With BCCI


There are number of rumours travelling that Pakistan didn’t lose match against India due to poor performance in fact it was a deal made between Pakistan Cricket Board and Indian cricket Board that Pakistan will lose a match against India in World cup.

Pakistan played its first match of cricket World Cup on 15th February against India. The match was much awaited and most anticipated match of the event between two big rivals of all times.

Pakistan lost against India from 76 runs. Though from the eye of a general viewers it seems that Pakistan gave poor performance and in return India played well and won the match.

however, from the eye of a keen cricket observer one would notice that Pakistan made huge blunders in the match which were not only unexpected but could not be made by best cricket players.

These blunders were not made once during the match but almost all players made some kind of blunder during the match.

According to the rumours that are travelling in the air the result of the match was already decided between the cricket boards of both countries.

It was already decided that Pakistan would lose the match against India and in return India will give clearance to Pakistan’s famous spinner Saeed Ajmal for the world cup.

Ahmed Qureshi broke this news 3 days ahead of the match he said that India proposed clearance of Ajmal in exchange to lose the match against India, the proposal was accepted by Pakistan Cricket Board and hence Pakistan lost the match against India affirming the rumour.

It is also noteworthy that former Pakistan Cricket captain also said that decision of Pakistan and India’s match had already agreed upon outside the ground, the teams will go in the ground just to fulfill the formality.

Saeed Ajmal’s bowling action was in question and according to ICC rules his bowing action was not complying with the rules set by ICC. Ajmal has earlier failed the bowling test which took place in England the second test was taken in India in which he got clearance in second week of February.

This all seems like great moves made by both the countries. Well this so called rumour or let’s say secret got leaked out and by joining the pieces together it looks as if as if there was a deal made between the cricket boards of both countries.