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Top 10 Most Expensive Pianos in the World

Piano is musical instrument which has played using keyboard and considered as one of most familiar musical gadget in the world. The musical instrument has wide history and can be found since 17th century in form of clavichord and the harpsichord which are well known at that time.

Often Piano is not so much expensive and can be bought in few thousands but when it comes to most expensive pianos in the world, several piano manufacturers comes in mind those are making highly priced pianos.

If you are thinking that expensive pianos has more versatilities and features but you should be stunned to know that there is nothing like that, though, these expensive piano have costly because of their material and stuff used to make them and artwork for final look. Here we have made a list of top most expensive pianos in the world which are given below.

10: The Casablanca Piano, Richardson’s Inc. ($602,500)

The painted upright Casablanca piano that adorned Rick’s Cafe in the classic movie Casablanca is one of famous and expensive pianos in the world. The Paris flashback of movie featured the piano when Ingrid Bergman delivered one of Hollywood’s unforgettable lines Play it, Sam. Play as Time Goes By and was sold for $602,500 in December 2012 at Sotheby’s. The faded yellow green piano has nothing but gigantic sentimental value for Casablanca fans all around world.

9: The Crystal Piano, Goldfinch Pianos ($627, 000)

The Crystal Piano by Goldfinch Pianos is truly astounding piano that has been considered as fine combination of artistic talent, thorough consideration to feature the design creativity by master craftsman of the corporation. The stylish Steinway piano adorned with half million of Swarovski crystals, by collaborative work with well-known British contemporary artist, Lauren Baker. The classic and lavish piano has complete its exceptional look in nearly six months when Each crystal has been affectionately applied with hand costing $627, 000 making high-net worth piano in the world.

8: Marilyn Monroe’s Baby Grand Piano ($662,500)

Baby Grand Piano is another historical piano in the world which has been sold for highest price of $662,500 in the world becoming one of expensive one. The white lacquered piano has square tapering legs and feet with caster along with matching bench was from unknown manufactured. The piano was originally belonged to Marilyn Monroe’s mother, Gladys but sold as part of Marilyn Monroe’s estate, who was an American actress, model, singer and major sex symbol in 1950-1960, who has deep sentimental attachment with her mother’s piano.

7: The Baby, Goldfinch Pianos ($720,000)

Goldfinch Pianos another unique and elegant piano The Baby is a spectacular collaboration between Goldfinch and Based Upon, a London-based artist studio famous for its exclusive and pioneering up to date British art worldwide. The Baby is one of elite timeless beauty of the Twist which is the result of continuous nine years design evolution. One of expensive piano in the world with tag price of $720,000 limited edition handful luxury piano’s fluid curves depict the mysterious waves and patterns while tri-oval top elevates and exclusive hand-finished metals and tactile resins reflect made it generous collection.

6: Kuhn Bösendorfer Grand Piano ($1.2 Million)

The grand collaboration of VIenna’s L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH and Jon Kuhn came to end with world’s foremost cold glass sculptor named Kuhn Bösendorfer Grand Piano. The exceptional piece of art Kuhn-Bösendorfer has took more than a year to complete which is based on a Bösendorfer Model 225, having four extra keys in the bass and a five corner cabinet to sustain and dynamic range of instruments. The artist Jon Kuhn said that creation of Kuhn-Bösendorfer challenged every participant due to use of nearly half-million cut lead crystal bits its 200 jewels for which it costs $1.2 Million becoming one of expensive piano in the world.

5: Galaxy Piano ($1.36 Million)

Galaxy Piano is another one-of-a-kind and most expensive collection of pianos that cost nearly $1.36 Million making it highly priced musical instruments in the world. The exclusive piano features gold-plated embedded figurines, 24K gold plated fiberglass body and curved keys especially designed for the most discerning of clients which most of parts were been imported from Germany. UAE-based company Galaxy Piano has considered among the rare corporation involved in making such products for their elite customers of their special requests.

4: Sound of Harmony Concert Grand, Steinway & Sons ($1.63 Million)

Steinway Art Case Piano Sound of Harmony is one of most stunning and intricate grand pianos ever made in Steinway’s long history. The piano company is most famous renown for making high quality pianos and influential inventions and creations in this product line. Sound of Harmony is truly a masterpiece which has been praised for its acoustic quality, amazing craftsmanship and special design for which it is also among most expensive pianos all around world.

3: Red Pops for (RED) Parlor Grand, Steinway & Sons ($1.925 Million)

Steinway & Sons manufactured vibrant red accents character into this ebony grand piano offering a great sense of revolution from classic to contemporary. The rainbow spectrum of the grand piano and color balance between white and red along with the silver plate and nickel hardware and special decal on soundboard can be seen in fantastic collaboration of Steinway & Sons and some of top designers. Red Pops is among the most expensive piano which has been auctioned for a price of $1.925 Million.

2: John Lennon’s Steinway & Sons Model Z ($2.37 Million)

The Model Z piano was collaboration of Steinway and the Sons and John Lennon, an upright piano which has been made from ordinary walnut. The piano was sold to British Superstar George Michael for astronomical price of $2.1 million USD making one of most expensive piano in the world. The creative work was high praised because it has very fine woody look that features decent appearance in the room and it presence add stylishness to all of other things present around the piano.

1: Crystal Piano, Heintzman ($3.22 Million)

Heintzman Crystal Piano is one of most expensive piano in the world which has been auctioned for $3.22 Million by a private bidder. The crystal body piano was built and designed by Canadian Piano manufacturer Heintzman Pianos in Beijing who exclusively built it for public performances to meet the stringent demands for a large scale concert. The unique product was first used by Chinese Pianist Lang Lang in front of billion of people during the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. piano was designed.


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