Published On: Thu, Jan 15th,

US Court Dismissed Case Against Prime Minister Narendra Modi For Riots


Washington: US court dismissed a case against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In which mentioned that in 2002, he’s failing to stop riots in gujarat and legal action was requested against Narendra Modi.

The judge of New York federal district Annalisa Torres think that the decision of US department of state is right that on the behalf of leader of India modi is filed in US court, who has immunity from prosecution.

Last year this case is filed in September from an leading US human rights organization at that time when the Indian prime minister preparing for the first tour of United States.

In the United State case against Indian prime minister is entry in global media headlines but the officials of both countries did not disregard it.

The president of Organization joseph washington who filed case against modi say at the time of filling case that he’s accepted that the success of these efforts is unlikely. But joseph says that against Narendra Modi “symbolic step” is his success.

Their mentioned in case that the past of modi is full of hindu nationalism so in 2002, during his ministery of credence worst hindu-muslim riots are start in India’s district gujarat and he’s cannot show interest to stop these riots.

In the result of these riots 1000 peoples are died in which majority of Muslims who is in minority in India. In 2005 due to the blame of not showing interest to stop riots US authorities denied his visa of CM of gujarat.

But last year the strategy of US authorities was changed related to modi when he’s elected as the prime minister of India. And when modi is elected as prime minister than US president sent invitation to modi to visit United States.

US court decision came at that time when US President are preparing to go India on the invitation of Narendra Modi.

India on January 26 he’s “Republic” the main event will be the chief guest.