Published On: Sat, Nov 22nd,

US Will Expand The Role of Troops in Afghanistan in

President of USA , Barack Obama recently signed a “secret order” authorizing the extension of the mission of US troops in Afghanistan in, which will have a ” direct combat role “, as reported exclusively on Saturday daily The New York Times .

Agreements with Afghanistan sealed this year provide for the presence in the country of 9,800 US troops by the end of after the withdrawal of NATO this year and with a limited mission to fight the remnants of Al Qaeda and train and assist Afghan forces.

According to the NYT , the change in strategy responds to pressure the Pentagon to successfully complete the mission in Afghanistan, the longest war in US history, and allow US forces to run missions against the Taliban and other groups are a threat to themselves or the Afghan government.

The presidential order authorized under certain circumstances the US bombing to support the Afghan military operations and the deployment of ground troops to assist in operations against the Taliban. It also authorizes the use of bombers and drones to support Afghan troops in combat missions, according to newspaper sources detailed the Administration, Congress and the Pentagon.

According to the NYT , Obama made that decision after a long discussion among his advisers, divided between those who advocated not to risk more American lives in (the National Security) and that required to ensure the mission under the State Islamic jihadists progress (EI) in Iraq this year (the Pentagon).

President reeled in May gradual withdrawal d and Afghanistan Military Academy at West Point (New York), where almost 12 years then President George W. Bush makes exposed the foundations of the war on terrorism that followed the attacks of 11 September 2001 and led to military interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Obama, a politician critical of the war , sought to shed weight of inherited Bush wars now that the last troops gradually withdraw from Afghanistan. However, advances in EI in Iraq and Syria this summer forced Obama to deploy offensive air strikes and military shipping, however, and as has endeavored to recall the president repeatedly, no mission ground combat .