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Beware ! Fake VS Real iPhone 6!

iPhone is the trademark of the Apple corporation and property of Apple. Apple has recently launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which is one of the most popular and expensive gadgets on the market due to its exclusively features and its sleek and classy design. iPhone is gaining the more and more market share with the passage of time. iPhone might be a little pricey so if you are planning to buy an iPhone, make it sure you are buying an genuine products as there is number of fake products in the market. Specially, when you buying an iPhone 6 online and your purchasing decision is solely based on the pictures then you must know some useful tips to differentiate between genuine Apples’ product and a fake one. The designing and the operating system of the genuine and the fake product is almost similar, so it is very difficult to recognize the genuine iPhone, but this article will tell you some tips which will help you while purchasing genuine iPhone 6.

1)    Fake box of fake product

First off all, you can recognize the genuine iPhone by its box. Fake iPhone’s box have printed iPhone picture on the front of the box, while the box  made by the Apple for iPhone 6 has no picture of iPhone on the front box which you can easily recognize. So, if you find the box with a picture on it, than it is fake one.


2)    Fake iPhone has slightly more weight

As the designing structure of the fake and the genuine iPhone 6 is almost similar which decrease the probability to distinguish between both of them. One way to differentiate genuine product from the fake one is that the fake product is slightly heavier than the original one. So, if you find your Iphone 6 little heavy then it means that it is fake.  weight

3)    Darkish lines

Apparently, when you carry the fake iPhone and genuine iPhone together, you hardly can recognize the original product. But if we go in deep and start to take notice of little things then we can easily differentiate genuine from the fake iPhone. Like the fake iPhone 6 have more darkish designing lines on the back as compare to the genuine iPhone 6. This will help you is making purchasing decision when buying from the different online sites.

dark lines

4)    Apple logo

Another way to differentiate between the fake and genuine product is by Apple logo on the back of the iPhone 6. If you touch the apple logo on the back of the iPhone 6 then while carrying fake iPhone 6 then you will feel a cut. While when you touch the Apple logo on the genuine iPhone 6 you will not feel any cut. So, this is the easy way to recognize the guanine Apple product.

apple logo fake1

5)    Recognition through Serial number

If you are still confuse and unable to recognize the genuine product then this method will solve your problem. If you have iPhone in your hand, unlock the phone screen, navigate towards the “Settings”. Tap on the “General” option and go to “About” section. Here you will find the serial number of your iPhone. Note down the serial number and insert it in the Apple care website. The Apple will tell you that it is the genuine product or not.


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