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Top 10 Largest American Companies

The economical markets of the modern civilization are strongly conquered by the big companies. In early ages the trade and business is dominated by the kings and the business traders. In recent time the king turned towards companies and the trader turned towards the multinational business. The soil witnesses and see many families in the 19th and 20th centuries like the Rockefellers and the Rothschild who become the dominant royal families of international market. The peoples of all over the world are fully aware with the daily activities of the brands that are spread all over the world.

1. Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart is the American multinational retailer company has it’s headquarter in the Arkansas and operated in 27 countries with 55 different names and total 11,088 stores all over the world. Wal-Mart stores is a big chain of discounted departmental and warehouse stores. Wal-Mart is the biggest public corporation and having the largest private employer and the largest world retailer stores according to the list of Fortune Global 500. The company is established by the Sam Walton in 1962 and it was incorporated in 1969 and it is still family oriented business and most of its shares hold by the Walton family members. Doug McMillon is the current CEO of the Wal-Mart company and it’s generated the total revenue of $476.294 billion during the fiscal year of 2013-14 and almost 2.2 million employees currently working with the company.

wal mart

2. Exxon Mobil Corporations

Exxon Mobil is the American multinational oil and gas company and it’s headquarter is located in the lrving, Texas. Exxon Mobile has internationally presence in 21 countries and has 37 oil refineries and third big company in terms of generating revenue and the 2nd largest public traded company in the world and become the largest refiner in the world. The Exxon Mobile Company is established in 1999 after the merger of Exxon oil standard company of New Jersey and the Mobil oil standard company of New York. With its presence in 21 countries and having 37 oil refineries the company has 75,000 employees all over the world. The company has also generating the revenue of $420.836 billion in the fiscal year of 2013.

Exxon Mobil Corporations

3. Chevron

According to the Global Fortune 500 the Chevron Company is the 3rd largest company in the world and the prime multinational energy company of America. The company’s headquarter in located in California and the company also operates in 180 countries. The Chevron Company is dealing with the production and exploration of the energy components, chemical manufacturing and its distribution, oil refining and some other various branches of the power sector. The company averaged selling is 3.1 million barrels of oil which includes the diesel, Jet fuel and gasoline across the world. The company is established in 1984 after the merger of Standard Oil Company of Californian and the Gulf Oil like Exxon Mobile Corporation. The Chevron Company has 64,600 employees all over the world and generating revenue of $220.264 billion during the fiscal year of 2013.


4. Phillips 66

Phillips 66 is the fourth largest multinational energy company of America and the 6th largest company in all over the world. The company is ranked at 19th in2014 list of Global Fortune 500. The company headquarter is in Huston, Texas and has presence in 45 countries. Phillips Company is dealing with the production of petrochemical products of several categories and also dealing in natural gas and liquid. The company was established after the separation of downstream and halfway assets of Conoco Phillips. The company was inaugurated and start it services in Wichita, Kansas by starting is first service station in 1927. Greg Garland is the current CEO of the Phillips Company with the strength of 13,500 employs in 45 countries. The company revenue is record $171.59 billion during the 2013 fiscal year.

5. Apple

The Apple Company is the most admired company of the Unites States and was established in 1976 by its founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The company’s headquarter is located in California and have presence in 14 countries with the 425 retail stores in different cities. Apple Company is the second largest IT Company of the world in term of generating revenue with 170.92 billion during the financial year of 2013 and also the 3rd largest mobile manufacturer company. The company is dealing in the development and the production of personal computer, consumer electronics with the online services and computer software. Tim Cook is the present CEO of the Apple Company with more than 98,000 employees in different locations.


6. Berkshire Hathaway

The Berkshire Hathaway was established in 1955 after the merger of Hathaway Company and the Berkshire Spinning Associate. The company gets success in 1964 when the investment legend Mr. Warren Buffett takeover the company and still he is serving as the President, Chairman and the CEO of the company. The Berkshire Hathaway headquarter is located in Omaha, Nebraska and own many companies like Lubrizol, BNSF, Fruit of the Loom, GEICO and Dairy Queen and also holding the significant shares of American Express, IBM, Heinz, Wells Fargo, Mars and Coca-Cola. The company also hitting the share price of $200,000 in according to the Forbes Global. The company has earning the revenue of $182.150 billion in 2013 with the employee power of 302,000.

7. General Motors

General Motors is the multinational automotive corporation of America and it’s headquarter is located in Detroit, Michigan. The GM company is operated in 157 countries and manufacturing cars in 37 countries with 10 different brands. The company is involved from the designing and manufacturing of the vehicles and its parts to marketing and its distribution of the products. The company was controlled by the William Durant before that it was holding by Mc Laughing automobile. The current chairman of the GM Company is Tim Solo with the strength of 219,000 employees and generating the revenue of $155.42 billion in the fiscal year of 2013.

General Motors

8. General Electric

The General Electric Company was first originating as Edison GE Company by Morgan, Drexel and their Co financer Thomas Edison’s in 1889. General Electric is the conglomerate multinational corporation and it’s headquarter is located in Fairfield, Connecticut and company’s operated in all over the world. GE is involved in several field of business like Energy, Capital Finance, Technological and Aviation products and vast involvement in consumer and industrial products. The current chairman and CEO is Jeffrey lmmelt with the 305,000 employee all over the world. The company is generating the revenue of $146.045 billion during the financial year of 2013.

General Electric

9. Valero Energy

Valero Energy is the oil and gas company of America and with its multinational logo it’s operating in USA, UK and in the Caribbean Sea. The company headquarter is in San Antonio and has 19 oil refineries that has capacity to produce 3 million barrels oil in each day, 10 ethanol plants which product 1.2 billion gallons in a year and has 50 mw wind farm. The company also has 6,800 branded outlets and wholesale stores and become the largest retailer operator company in the USA. Joe Gorder is the current Chairman of the company and also the CEO with the 22,000 employees and produce the revenue of $138.07 in 2013.

Valero Energy

10. Cargill

Cargill is the multinational food firm in the America and it’s headquarter is located in Minnesota and has worldwide presence. The company is involved in the trading of grains and agricultural commodities, deal in energy, transport, steel and also in the livestock and producing the processed foods. Cargill is the world leading company in the production of potash and phosphate that are nutrients for crops. The Company was established in 1865 by William Cargill and Mac Lennan is the CEO and the Chairman of the company. The company’s made the revenue of $136.65 billion in the 2013 and has more than 142,000 employees all over the world.





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