Published On: Thu, Sep 10th,

British Airways Plane Catches Fire On Las Vegas Runway And 14 Minor Injured


British Aeroplane was ready for take-off from Las Vegas airport than engine of the plane caught fire in the result 14 out of 172 people suffer from minor injury.

A plane of British Airways Boeing 777 was ready to take off from Las Vegas airport and suddenly the smoke rise from engine of the Plane and flames become heavy, Airline decide to exit from plane and set inflatable chutes for sliding down from aeroplane.

People exit from the plane and during this disorder 14 people have injury and admitted to the hospital while other all the passengers remain safe, rescue help reach on the same time and they control the fire of the left engine.

There were 172 total people were inside the plane 13 out of them was the management people by the airline and other 159 were passengers who were travelling from Las Vegas to USA, according the airline resources.

People on the spot said that we are settled on our seats and suddenly we saw the flying flames in the air and then emergency announcement rung and polite guide the peoples foe exiting, passengers were freighted and in hurry due to which disorder take place and some peoples injured during sliding down to runway.

They also said that vehicles took the passenger to airport and rescue help was start, after the half struggle they succeeded in their mission and then airline provides a reserve plane for traveling.

Engineers told we looking the reason due to which plane caught fire, and soon we will present a report against this incident.

This is not the first time when a plane is affected by fire, 2 days ago an Indian plane caught the fire during flying in the air, according Indian media plane was near to Delhi airport and then suddenly hydro system of the plane fails and engine caught the fire and plane land in emergency in Delhi airport and all 153 passengers are safe.