Published On: Tue, Dec 23rd,

Cuban spy impregnated his wife while in prison in the US

The story of Gerardo Hernandez, one of the Cuban prisoner who was released by the United States amid the rapprochement between Washington and Havana, is on everyone’s lips but not for their release without his wife’s pregnancy.

The US government allowed the Cuban exespía, imprisoned in the United States, sent to the island sperm so that his wife could become a mother. This was confirmed by the Department of Justice in Washington.

The images of Gerardo Hernández and his wife, Adriana Perez, showing a heavily pregnant after the arrival of exespía to Havana surprised and circulated in the media and social networks.

Hernandez is one of the so-called Cuban Five , released on Wednesday as part of the historic agreement between the US and Cuba pare restore their bilateral relations.

The spy was arrested in 1998 as part of a network of clandestine Cuban intelligence in the United States. He could not receive visits from his wife in California prison where he was held. In addition he was serving a double life sentence in the United States. His wife also worked for Cuban intelligence services.

When the cameras focused Perez with a visible pregnancy in recent months, speculation began.Rumors about the paternity of the baby and whether the Cuban government could have organized a somewhat conjugal visits were increasing.

The excitement is great and everyone is asking. We had so much fun with all the comments and speculation, said Hernandez itself.

Then he joked: We had to do it by remote control. The reality is that silence had to be, this part too, Hernandez said in referring a famous phrase of the Cuban national hero José Martí.

We can not give many details because we do not want to hurt people who had good intentions, said Hernandez in an event weekend.

Then he dared to say that the pregnancy of his wife was the direct result of high-level talks.
One of the first things that was achieved in this process was this, Hernandez said, pointing to his wife’s stomach.

But two sources involved who revealed to him the mystery CNN : During the negotiations took sperm from Hernandez and sent to Cuba, where Perez was subjected to a process of artificial insemination.

Later the Department of Justice United States confirmed the story without elaborating. According to CNN, the US won the permit requirement will give better conditions to the US subcontractor Alan Gross, imprisoned in Cuba. Gross was released this week as part of a prisoner exchange.

In the past, recalls the agency DPA, the US authorities refused several requests for prisoners to donate sperm to their partners.

Several inmates often tried to appeal such decisions in court but were unsuccessful.

The Five, as known to the group of Cuban agents who were imprisoned in the US and released this week, and the rafter Elián González, became symbolic protagonists of the last plenary session of the Cuban Parliament, which stressed its examples of resistance.