Published On: Wed, Jul 22nd,

Diplomatic Relations Between Cuba And The US Officially Restores After 54 Years


The United States and Cuban authorities have agreed to remove 54 years long cold war as well feud, confirmed the formal restoration of diplomatic relations while raising Cuba’s blue, red and white-starred flag in Washington, where a newly inaugurated embassy was formed.


After the restoration, the United States authorities to bring back its former Havana mission that sponsored by the Swiss embassy, into fully-developed US embassy after midnight on Sunday.

whereas Cuba launched its Washington mission on Monday in presence of hundreds of guests in a splendid ceremony.

President of the Council of State of Cuba, Mr. Raul Castro and US President Barack Obama, both agreed to remove all tensions between duo sides by exchanging letters previous month on 20 July, that time it decided to reopened embassies.

According to latest reports, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla who is Cuban foreign minister took off to Washington from country to attend the flag-raising ceremony which was held on Monday, where also met with United States Secretary of State John Kerry.

It was first time happened in history, a secretary of state in Washington since 1958, welcomed a Cuban foreign minister in Washington as host.

Cuban and United States diplomats addressed a State Department press conference, in which assured to make better the relationships in future while working friendly.

Previous month, Cuba’s name has been removed from the Washington’s list of state sponsors of terrorism as President Obama ordered after assessment. An order was issued by the US president as Castro promised to work for broader normalization of relationships.

Unity between both nations emerged after about a half-century of hostility, CIA assassination plots, a Cuban missile crisis, and a serious economic sanction.

The presidents then met in April at the Summit of the Americas in Panama City in the first meeting between the countries’ leaders in decades and announced a “turning point” towards warmer relations.