Published On: Wed, Jul 29th,

21 People Killed In A Wedding Shootout In Afghanistan


Kabul: Deadliest shootout occurred in a wedding ceremony in Afghanistan on Sunday night that shot dead 21 people, according to police officials.

According to Afghan media, during the wedding ceremony, suddenly a severe fight occurred between two armed groups that caused by fatalities Baghlan province in the northeastern side of the country.

The Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi told reporters that both armed groups launched open gunfire on each other, while only guest were killed as well wounded more than eight in this deadliest fight that weren’t part of the clash.

Nevertheless, why the conflict happened between both armed groups, it couldn’t clear yet, while those who shot dead in this battling, two teenage were also of them.

According to locals, a local commander became the cause of the deadliest incident as he saw one of his rivals was part of the biggest ceremony in which more than 489 guest were invited, sent off armed to shot fire rivals but unfortunately only guests made target in the clash.

However, Sediqqi has ordered Baghlan police to launch quick investigation in and those who find guilty, to be severely punished. The clashes between tribes in Afghanistan, is not a new thing because it has been happening for decades as everyone has heavy equipment, even without license.

Shamsul Haq Barakzai, who is a member of the provincial council, stated about 14 people wounded seriously, while 21 killed as after warm discussion between these two groups, opened fire on huge crowd.

Barakzai declared the incident family disputes as well personal feud, though an investigation has been launched to arrest those who raised violence.

The Afghan government should work on this issue and equipments should be banned for every civilian because it raises violence in society.