Published On: Thu, May 7th,

Female Journalists Condemn Sexism Of French Politicians


Paris: Female journalists have finally publically denounced sexism of French politicians following lewd paternalism and comments signed a petition published on Tuesday.

According to latest news female French journalists have denounced sexism from politicians and high profile French officials by signing a petition against sexist activities which has been published on Tuesday which states about condemning and warning the politician for next time.

The letter has been signed by forty female journalists while succeeded to get the signatures of all of media person in the region those highly condemned these sexism and offensive insinuations to French female journalists from certain political figures.

Media reported that petition came up after long lasting silence from the female politician who often targeted by some of politicians by their wandering hands, lewd comments and messages.

The letter simply stated that it is really reprehensible act from sexist politicians while also expresses disappointment about no change in the macho habits, symbols of political and personal mediocrity after the arrest of presidential candidate Dominique Strauss Kahn for sexually assaulting a hotel maid.

Continued with ‘the fact that these practices which reflect what happens on the streets, in factories and in offices every day, involved elected representatives in charge of making policy.

forces us to denounce them for being sexist, we, the political reporters, condemns intolerable sexist behavior exhibited by specific parliamentarians, senate members and top ranked officials.

A signatory investigative journalist Lenaig Bredoux directly warned French politicians that if situation remains same and no change will be seen then the next step will be publishing the names of specific politicians.