Published On: Wed, Jan 14th,

ISIS Published A Video Showing A Child Killing Two Hostages

Tuesday, January 13, the terrorist group the Islamic State released a video shock on YouTube showing a boy of 10 years coldly eliminating two hostages tied behind the back.

the video has a shock on YouTube lasts 7 minutes and shows a young boy of about 10 years, killing two hostages at close range. Accused of secretly working for the FSB, the Russian intelligence services, the two hostages had killed respectively mission is to get closer to one of the fighters and kill a member of the jihadist group.

In this video, we can observe the child holding a gun flawlessly and draws repeatedly on the hostages. These knees past, had their hands tied in the back. The two men are collapsing one by one to the ground and the boy his identity at the end of the video.