Published On: Sat, Feb 21st,

Malaysia Police Arrested 14-Year-Old Girl For Trying to Join ISIS


Malaysia: A 14-year-old-girl was on her way to Kuala Lumpur airport when she got arrested as she was leaving the country to ISIS in Syria.

Malaysian Police arrested a 14-year-old-girl from an airport in Kula Lumpur when she was trying to leave the country in order to join terrorist organisation ISIS.

The girl was arrested on Tuesday when she was making her escape from the country to board a flight to Cairo from KL airport; she belonged to southern region of Malaysia and was arrested by the Special Counter Terrorism Division.

The girl was planning to marry a 22-year old Malaysian student studying in Al-Azhar University of Cairo, from there both planned to go to Turkey and then to enter Syria to join ISIS.

According to the sources the young girl was in contact with two Malaysian militants in Syria. However, police is further investigating to find the mastermind behind recruitment of the girls from Malaysia for terrorist activities.

It is also learnt that the girl was trying to leave the country without her parents’ consent. She threatened to kill herself if her parents did not let her go.

However, it was the not the first news of such type, in past number of people from Malaysia have tried to join ISIS. With the latest arrest the number of people linked to terrorism arrest has arisen to 68 within last one year. Among those arrested were navy officers, military personnel and civil servants including water Ministry Officer.

Inspector general of Policy explicitly stated that Malaysia will not let its land or people to be used in terrorism or any kind of terrorist activities.

The issue is not that a 14 year old girl wanted to join ISIS but the issue at hand is why do people want to join ISIS, why would anyone want to join a terrorist group and how deeply this terrorist group has rooted its claws in different countries through which it is recruiting people from different nations and countries in its organisation. It is time for all the countries to review its policies and keep tabs on the movement of its people.