Published On: Tue, Nov 11th,

No Confirmed Reports of Baghdadi Being Killed or Wounded

Pentagon: US officials didn’t confirm the reports about ISIS senior leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi being killed or wounded.

Pentagon officials stated that US airstrikes targeted the ISIS convoy near border at al-Qaim town but there are no confirm reports of either ISIS leader Baghdadi was there or not, the leader has been killed or wounded has not confirmed till now, Pentagon spokesperson said on Monday.

Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren elaborated that airstrikes have been targeting ISIS infrastructure and local leaders as US security forces have been reported about their presence at any place, the bombing hasn’t targeted any specific leader but only to destabilize the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria.

On Sunday the Iraq Interior Ministry official told to local news that ISIS leader Abu bakr al-Baghdadi has been seriously injured in US airstrikes near Mosul in north of Iraq, the bombing killed at least 50 Islamic State leader who were there in a house to attend a meeting.

Many of ISIS linked twitter accounts have revealed that Baghdadi has been killed but US officials still not confirming the news as they have not sufficient information to claim the death of ISIS leader.